NeoSmart Live!

No, we haven’t lost our minds, nor have we decided to take on the now very much trite Microsoft naming scheme, but we are testing certain “Live!” features on this site, and we’re looking for some feedback.

AJAX certainly is cool, but only if it’s not overdone, and it’s used to make something better, not just for the hell of it – and especially if the JavaScript involved is kept down to a minimum (read more about our hatred for JS). A long time ago we had a couple of AJAX features on the blog, but we took them down when we realized it was too much and too incompatible. But now we’re back, and we want to know what you think.

The ‘testbed’ for AJAX will be Ramblings of a Computer Guru, the official NeoSmart blog. We have several features, and we want your opinion and your help to make things right!

  • Live Comments: No need for the page to reload to view your post, it’s automatically added.
  • Rolling Archives: See the round ball on the homepage? You can use it to view previous pages, again, without ever leaving the page your on.
  • Live Search: Just type and the results will appear in real-time (if you had real-time access to the internet, and we had real-time processors… which you don’t have and we don’t either!).

Tell us what you think is overkill, what works for you, what doesn’t, and how you feel we can improve! Remember, Web 2.0 is a bandwagon and the cabin in the front, and the bandwagon is a very bad place to be!

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