Back in Business :-)

Ramblings of a Computer Guru, and more importantly, NeoSmart Technologies is back on stage.
Before I say anything else, a word of advice, if you are looking for a host, and are expecting any form of traffic, don’t go with ZestHost unless you are willing to pay 2500 a year for slow servers, crappy support, and outdated technology.

That said, NeoSmart Technologies has been offline for a week, but we are back up and running as of today. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining.. We are taking this opportunist to write a custom download center script for our main site, redo the design there, on the forums, here on the blog, and on our brand new wiki… Oh yes, the wiki.
We decided that no site as rich in resources and talented members as this is complete without an ideal way of sharing that content in an easy to use and easy too update manner.. and a wiki fit the bill!
We will be using mediawiki (who isn’t??) and hope to get guides, comparisons, walkthroughs, and reviews in it.. we are open to any and all suggestions at this time, feel free to leave a reply here, post in the forums (up soon!), or send us an email…

Computer Guru
Founding CEO

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