“Vista Rewrite is Hogwash!” so says Scoble….

Finally. It has been 3 days of nonsense, starting off with a no-name site trying to get some traffic: smarthouse.com.

I didn’t believe it, but this blog was down, and I had no other place to throw my rants.. But now from the depths of Microsoft, we have the word of Robert Scoble that this is nonsense. Shame on the big names in the industry that were so quick to grab this and post it as front page news. There is no XBox team working on Windows, there is no code rewrite, there is no failure.. not yet.

The sad thing is, the minute it appeared on The Inquirer there was no one left that didn’t quote it.. What The Inquirer needs i- a law suit.. something big to stop them from spreading rumors, libel, and lies…. something to put an end to all this. /rant

Thank you Robert….. :) 

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