RTM Confusion, Build Mixups, and Ethics

Windows Vista has RTM’d. No it hasn’t, Microsoft told me it goes out on Wednesday. Vista’s not coming out ‘till 2007. Vista RTM’d a month ago and Microsoft is planning to release it in time to subvert the minds of the American public to vote Democrat!

It doesn’t matter which of these you believe, it seems all and none of them are true at once. It also seems that something mighty fishy is going on in the higher-echelons of Vista blogging. Since last night, there have been rumors abound that Vista had “gone gold” at build number 6000.16386 – RTM was here. This “news” wasn’t confirmed by any independent sources at the time. Clear as mud, but at least no conspiracy theories – yet.

Some inaccuracies in this article have been cleared up after double-checking the facts. Our apologies for the confusion.

Today ActiveWin posted their story with that same news – but citing the newly released Windows Driver Development Kit’s build numbers as proof, and received a reply from Paul Thurrot saying:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Vista won’t RTM until November 8th at the earliest. I guess you can quote me on that if you’d like. But Vista has *not* reached RTM and won’t before Wednesday at the earliest.

Tough luck, eh?

Paul’s own site (which originally reflected the supposed Wednesday release date) was updated referencing Monday as the release date (under the heading “Exclusive!”):

My sources at the software giant confirmed this weekend that Microsoft is set to finalize Windows Vista as early as Monday and release the product to manufacturing. The final build number is expected to be 6000.16386.061101-2205, I’m told.


There’s so much confusion regarding all these builds, sources keep changing their minds in and out of Microsoft & the press.

It’s one thing to take a guess about Vista’s release dates, but with Longhorn, the blogging world has seen its biggest influx in “anonymous sources” and mixed-up info. Some of it is genuinely wrong, while quite a bit is manufactured for attention and to stir things up. No one really knows where to turn to or whom (other than the official sources) to trust.

We’re patiently waiting for Microsoft to clear this up – only they can know the truth, despite what anyone says or whatever happens.

NeoSmart Technologies unreservedly takes back the earlier-made comments regarding the intentions behind the AW emails and incorrect info.

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  • 4 thoughts on “RTM Confusion, Build Mixups, and Ethics

    1. Yeah, we’ve contacted Paul and updated the article accordingly.

      There’s so much nonsense floating all around the web regarding Vista and Microsoft and Longhorn & Leprachauns that you really don’t know where to turn.. 🙁

    2. Oh and I taught everything was ready. So with this you mean hmm what??
      Vista isn’t rtm:ed?

      Or is it some confuse with ‘which’ build that is rtm:ed?

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