What really IS coming this December CTP…

Too much talk, too many misconceptions; too much bragging, to much false info.

That just about sums up the rumors about the Vista December CTP. So here is to some clarification!

  • The December CTP is not Code Complete.
  • The December CTP is not Beta 2
  • The December CTP is not a Public Beta
  • The December CTP is an almost Code-Complete build. Microsoft has verified that it will be closely followed by an internal code-complete build, and only then will Beta 2 (in code-complete stage) be released.
  • No one knows the Build Number of the December CTP. Yep, not even Paul.
  • A CTP is simply an internal build that goes through a series of steps and preps to convert it to a code-complete build.
  • Any build can (if MS so pleases) be made into a CTP. It probably does not take too long to convert a build to CTP, relatively speaking.

  • If major glitches are found in the build intended to be released as a CTP, Microsoft simply converts a later (or earlier for that matter) build to the CTP. Despite people’s (no names please =P) claims, they do not have the CTP, and nor will they until it is distributed to the Tech Beta testers as the CTP.
  • The December CTP will have bugs, it will not have complete upgrading support from XP, nor will it contain Windows Update.
  • The sources for all of these claims are documented from official (public and private) discussions with Microsoft officials, unlike many other sources on the net.

Feel free to email me for any sources or misconceptions :D


-Computer Guru

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  • 3 thoughts on “What really IS coming this December CTP…

    1. You know what…I find so funny all this talking about this useless topic…I find extremely funny reading about people who are downloading with dial up speed each single build and afterwards they can’t even install it….so many words and time already spent for a product that is 15 years old…infact, Vista still looks almost identical to Windows 3.11.
      Can’t you see that all these O.S. they all look the same ? Are you all blind,God ???
      After 4 yeras from the issue of XP, where you not expecting something COMPLETELY different ?
      Instead, Vista is just an updated version of XP,which was an update of win 2000, which was an update of win 98, which was like the win 95, which was not very different from 3.11. This Microsoft people is fooling you for 15 years, and you are so happy about that, at the point to spend your time and money, looking forward to the next update, which will just be, once more, a tech version of the old fashioned Windows 3.11
      Anyway, let me just laugh about people like you. Do you mind if I call you nerd ? Ok, then…bye Nerd !


    2. Same with every o/s on the planet, an evolution of an older o/s.. things just get improved upon.. both osx and all flavours of linux owe there existence to these tested methods..

      if it aint broke dont fix it.

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