April CTP: “Within a Week”

The Microsoft Windows Vista April CTP will be shipped "within a week."
This comes from a reliable source, and we have yet to be wrong.

What this build will be:

  1. Most features are those of the interim non-CTP build 5342 (announced here, complete with list of upcoming features in future builds!);
  2. This build is reported to be "easier on the eyes…" is this a reference to the new Glass? We don't know, but either way, it sounds great!
  3. Most changes are the bug fixes. Now that Vista has reached (more or less) code-complete status, each build is expected to be progressively more stable, faster & more responsive to the touch, and more of a "real" OS.
  4. It will contain an almost final version of Internet Explorer 7. Slight GUI changes may follow, but the code is all there, and mostly bug-free!

What the April CTP won't be:

  1. If you can't tell by the name, the April CTP will not be "Beta 2"
  2. This build won't be 5355 either, that one is, and I quote, "ancient."
  3. It most certainly isn't a public release, sorry!
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