Windows Vista Build 5456 Released

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows Vista for technical beta testers. Windows Vista Build 5456 offers many security, functionality, and performance advantages over the previous build (Beta 2 – build 5384.4). Vista Build 5456 is quite a large leap number-wise, and according to Microsoft, in features and performance as well.

Some of the new features include a revamped Aero/DWM subsystem, and a completely overhauled and siginficantly less obtrusive UAP for all those that couldn’t stand the previous one. From what we have been told by Microsoft, the Time Zone bug that plagued all most all previous builds of Windows Vista has been fixed and works great now, and quite a few fixes in the Regional Settings and IME are now implemented. And for the first time since Windows 3.0 Microsoft has finally announced that new mouse cursors will be made available for Windows – something they promised to do in XP with “Watercolors” but failed to deliver for internal reasons!

The build details and autochk values for the x86 and x64 builds respectively are as follows:
Size: 2,572.91 MB - autochk: 0x80E3B54D
Size: 3,356.9 MB - autochk: 0x0D680F43

Continuing the standards of 5365, both x86 and x64 are only distributed in FRE staged formats for optimal install-times and performance ratings.

These ISOs contain Windows Vista Ultimate, Home Basic, Home Premium, and Business Editions. The Product Key for Ultimate Edition is the one for 5342 and above, the rest use their respective Beta 2 keys (information courtesty of Microsoft Corporation).

NeoSmart Technologies recommends downloading from either the Dublin (Europe) or Redmond (United States) severs regardless of location; the Singapore (Asia) server seems to be experiencing bottle-necks and isn’t fast – and may even result in data corruption as previous occurences have demonstrated.

Microsoft has also made available German, Japanese, and for the first time, Arabic localized builds of Windows Vista available. This marks quite an interesting turn of events, normally Arabic is one of the last languages to be ported to Windows, and is the buggiest of IMEs. However, at NST we have realized that Arabic support in Windows Vista is far-improved over that in previous versions of Windows.

This build is only being made available to technical beta testers (members of the Vista & IE7 program on and TAP members. MSDN and CPP members will not have access to this build (though it installs and activates with their existing product keys from Beta 2).

Screenshots are here, and a review will shortly follow.


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  • 20 thoughts on “Windows Vista Build 5456 Released

    1. Saying “patch” when the code still is in development isn’t really correct. It’s called “fixing bugs” until the product is released, after that the company releases “patches” which are specific fixes for important bugs/security holes.

    2. @wpcheah:
      Sorry about that, it seems your IP was previously blacklisted, so your comment went to the spam box.
      As for your question: no, I’m afraid not. Chinese and Korean often follow much later on. Between German, Japanese, English, and Arabic most of the world’s types of writing are covered, and for Microsoft the Japanese market is the bigger focus.

      I realize there are drastic differences between Chinese and Japanese writing schemes, but that’s the reason why the Chinese builds are probably next to come ^*^

    3. I was looking forward to trying it out, but I’m not part of the Connect program for Vista. I just registered at hoping it would give me access…. oh well.

      I have yet to try Vista, and my Opinion on Vista isn’t good, but I’ll reserve my judgment until after I try Vista 🙂

      Thanks for at least updating the community.

      –Jon Z

    4. Hey William… glad to see you found your way with all the construction work going on at the blog 😉

      I’m afraid ATM the cursors are classified as “warez.” Sorry about that…
      They have been leaked. Look hard and you will find, but not at NST… thanks 🙂

    5. Screenshots are now live, and streaming in by the minute (as our upload bots do their job and sending the screenies as fast as our pitiful connection allows them to.).

      Remember, NeoSmart Technologies isn’t a big & closed corporation, we’re a non-profit organization that’s open for everyone to participate. If you have any screenshot’s just send them our way:

    6. Is there a way to get 5456 if you are not beta tester. I have beta 2 installed but having problem with my soundmax integrated sound card (not working). Can anybody help?


    7. Yeah I Want To Know The Same Thing. Im A Beta Tester For Vista beta 2 (Friends And Family Group) And I Wanted To Know If I Could Get The Build 5456 Even Though Im Not part Of Connect.

    8. Hello Kashif, JustDC;

      You can’t get 5456 if you’re not on Connect, you’ll have to wait till later this week or next for a new build that should have what you need.

      However, we can help with the sound issues, just leave a post at our forums and we’ll find a way :).

    9. Windows 7 Ultimate Beta Build 6956 32Bit – Watermark Removed

      Watermark is removed in this version.

      TimerNuke by pembros present in start menu programs, if you want to use that,

      it stops the licensing services..


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