Windows Vista Build 5728 Released

3 weeks to the day after the Sep. 1st release of Windows Vista RC1, Microsoft has let another build out. Windows Vista Build 5728 is an IDX build (which technically has no meaning at this point – a certain level of stability has been reached) and the first in the RTM-branches. Generally speaking, this means nothing as far as stability, looks, or performance go; since most of these are supposed to be fixed/shut in RC1, but Microsoft has proven many times that it makes many changes to theh external appearance somewhere in between the final public build and RTM.

Windows Vista Build 5728 only indicates one thing: there will be no RC2. This is RTM-branches, and just like build 5536 was indicative of an RC1 down the line, this means we’ve come really close to the end of the line. The 3-week interval is reminiscent of Windows XP and Windows 2000 builds close to RTM: regular releases, tiny changes, and mass deployment.

Microsoft has confirmed that this build, at the moment only available to TAP and Technical Beta testers, will soon be made publically available for mass compatibility purposes. If you spot a minor behavior buhg at this point and it’s not already on Microsoft’s spotlight don’t get your hopes too high on it getting fixed – that’s what we hear.

From what Microsoft has told NeoSmart Technologies, Build 5728 has slight general performance issues, a lot of bug-squashing for WMC, and some tiny changes to IE7 (that we have not spotted yet). The majority of the changes revolve around minor user-end behavior in Windows Explorer, and there are quite a few new drivers — or so we hear.

At the moment, Windows Vista’s biggest concern would seem to be the very ill-performing WMC, and minor behavior issues. The latter may not seem very important, but nevertheless, it matters more than much of the rest. As they say, it’s the little things that count.

The current build comes with quite a package, including German, Japanese, and English builds; a full WDK kit upon release; debug symbols for both x86 and x64 builds, and most importantly, a Windows Longhorn Server build.

Windows Longhorn Server, set for RTM several months after Windows Vista (but still in ’07 – or so we’ve been told), is where most of the work is being done. Quite a few components are being brought up to server-level scratch, and stability is a must. We’re not too sure about the specifics, and you’ll just have to download the build and see for yourself!

Build 5728.16387:
0x94243215 vista_5728.16387.060917-1430_x86fre_client-LRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 2,622.25 MB

0x01643ECC vista_5728.16387.060917-1430_x64fre_client-LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 3,628.64 MB

Longhorn Server Build 5728
0xB052D4D8 wsl_5728.16387.060917-1430_x86fre_server-LRMSFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 1,684.61 MB

0x5454681C wsl_5728.16387.060917-1430_x64fre_server-LRMSxFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 2,357.05 MB

It’s interesting to note just how much smaller the Windows Vista Longhorn Server builds are than the Ultimate Edition builds – a sign of all those missing graphics, lack of WMP and more. Just like a server should be.

TAP and Tech Beta testers can grab build 5728 at Microsoft Connect, here’s a direct link:
(Notice the improved permalink structure!)

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  • 9 thoughts on “Windows Vista Build 5728 Released

    1. In my opinion Vista is so utterly incomplete and not ready for primetime that I really don’t know what Microsoft plans to do with it in November when they were suppose to RTM and then in January when they were suppose to release it commercially.

      My impressions are here under Update #1:

      But for those of you that have installed most of the Vista builds, tried to play movies, tried to play games and tried to use your USB devices like a USB headset, I think I’m preaching to the choir here.

      The *new* stuff from Microsoft, including the Aero/Glass interface is fantastic, but the integration of the older/existing software, compatability and stability of the system is all really bad in my experience.

      Good luck to Microsoft in the comming years.

    2. If RC1 was perfect then this build should be ready for release. why cant i use drivers for Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 USB keyboard? and why cant i get 5.1 sound to work? is there no more backward compatability?
      i dont want to bash windows, because i really do like XP and Office12, its just when you make such a big deal about “Clarity”, “Functionality” and so on you better be ready to deliver. No body like a cocky SOB! and i really do think why Microsoft is getting hammered so bad.

    3. [quote comment=”6186″]why cant i use drivers for Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 USB keyboard? and why cant i get 5.1 sound to work? is there no more backward compatability?[/quote]

      You might want to see this and this, it might help….

      If not, just post at the forums, it might be fixable…

    4. [quote comment=”6188″]
      You might want to see this and this, it might help….

      If not, just post at the forums, it might be fixable…[/quote]
      the link to the sound drivers are either missing or driver not existant.

    5. POOOOH!!! they did not work earlier. the NOHQ link was there but the thread was empty, and the Realtek link had a 404 error. and then the VIA link was good but i could not find a driver to DL.

      All good now i just DL’d the AC97 driver will install later. i FEEL a dumb; but they REALLY didnt work earlier. thanks!

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