Window Vista Build 5472.5 is Released

Microsoft has just released the latest installment of the Windows Vista pre-RC1 builds, with Vista Build 5472.5 making its way to TAP and Tech Beta tester today, and for once, MSDN Subscribers too.

Build 5472.5 is a standard FRE Staged build, only available in English at the moment, though Arabic, Japanese, and German builds may follow. At this point all the builds we are seeing seem to undergoing severe stages of heavy optimization: although faster code normally comes at the expense of larger files as a rule of thumb, this build of Windows Vista packs a punch performance-wise, but is only a 100 MB larger than its predecessor, Build 5456.

The fact that this build has been distributed to a very large segment of the beta testing population (MSDN and Tech Net subscibers are normally excluded from interim builds like this one) leads us to believe this is the real deal: the build that will be RC1 with a bit more time and some more optimizations. It is probably meant to provide a testing background for the new ‘Aero Express’ theme (see below for more).

The complete build string is 5472.5.winmain_idx01.060713-1900 and comes in the standard x86 and x64 flavors, and like always, the x64 edition is quite a bit larger.

Build filenames, sizes, and CRC values:

x86 Edition:
vista_5472.5.060713-1900_winmain_idx01_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 2,628.95 MB with a CRC value of 0xD425B6E3.

x64 Edition:
vista_5472.5.060713-1900_winmain_idx01_x64fre_client-LB2CxFRE_EN_DVD.iso at 3,545.53 MB with a CRC value of 0x18517949.

With Build 5472.5 we also have our first look at the stunning new ‘standard’ wallpaper, the real Windows Vista Bliss. The Longhorn ‘Plex’ theme from before the beta reboot is also here in the new “Aero Express” theme.

Screenshots will follow, as will the standard NeoSmart Reviews, just hang in there, and get DLing.

As usual, the fastest (and recommended) servers are Dublin and Richmond no matter where you are.
Direct Download Link: Microsoft Connect.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Window Vista Build 5472.5 is Released

    1. Fre means that the build contained is Free of Debugging symbols… Not quite sure if they just shortened Free to Fre to slightly shorten the file or what but thats wuat it actually means. “Free of Debug Symbols” CHK on the other hand includes the debug symbols for developers and debuggers.

      FRE is faster and lighter than the CHK debug builds

    2. Not sure why all these sources say it’s available to MSDN subscribers. It is not.

    3. When I clickon that above link, this is what it says:

      Page Not Found

      The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it.

      If you believe you have reached this page in error, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to report the issue and include this ID in your e-mail: 3272ea7d-6217-4cc0-9bd7-6da07ddd464b

      Microsoft Connect welcome page.

      -egon |

    4. It requires an invitation from Microsoft to test and download the beta builds.

    5. I have an active MSDN subscription and, unfortunately, Beta 2 is the only one currently available (released May 23 — it’s definitely not the latest build).

    6. We’ve been checking around, it seems a very small number of MSDN subscribres have Windows Vista 5472.5… We’re not sure how exactly Microsoft has distributed these copies, but we do have verification from several MSDN-Universal subscribers that they have indeed received a copy.

    7. Could a recent release dubbed “External Developer Workstation (EDW)” edition count as 5472.5? It just appeared in my MSDN available downloads list.

      Filename: en_windows_vista_beta2_July2006CTP_x86_dvd.iso

    8. I don’t have the “en_windows_vista_beta2_July2006CTP_x86_dvd.iso” or “External Developer Workstation (EDW)” available in my MSDN Universal subscription yet. They must be gradually rolling it out to subscribers?

    9. Yep, they’re rolling it out gradually. I’d logged in a few moments ago and noticed that the download had been added since my last message. To those of you that haven’t gotten it yet, you will!

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