Microsoft Vista Build 5365 has been released

Microsoft Vista Build 5365 has been released. We are downloading it at the moment, screenshots will follow in our spanking new image gallery.
This is a Vista-only release, i.e. no Longhorn Server attached, which is a shame.

According to Microsoft, this is another “refresher” build, with bug fixes rather than new features. We have been informed that regional fixes for IME and time zones, etc. have not yet been implemented, those will ship in all post-5370 builds. This build is quite a bit larger than its predecessor, with the x64 build being over 4 gigabytes!

Build details have been updated on our forums, for your convenience we provide an extract below:

x64 Edition: vista_5365.8.060419-1800_winmain_idx05_x64fre_client-staged-dvd-LB2CxFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 4,039.84 MB,
AutoCRC: Not Provided

x86 Edition: vista_5365.8.060419-1800_winmain_idx05_x86fre_client-staged-dvd-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 3,097.83 MB,
AutoCRC: Not Provided

We will follow up with screenshots and more really soon, it is downloading quite fast. We can exclusively verify that ATM Microsoft is not applying download speed caps on its servers as it did with 5342, so grab it while you can!

Microsoft has released a complete FAQ for Build 5365 in Word Document format. For your convenience we have uploaded the .doc and our own .pdf for those Adobe fans!

5365 FAQ (.doc – 57 KB)
5365 FAQ (.pdf – 56 KB)

*Please note*
Support requests and bug reports go in the forums, not here!

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  • 9 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista Build 5365 has been released

    1. Sigh. So envious of you… I’ve tried for YEARS to become a Microsoft tester, but despite being a former MSDN Universal subscriber and current MCSE, I can’t seem to get on their good side enough. The "cool" programs aren’t listed on the public MS Connect website.. Do you have any "inside" tips on how to get into the beta?

    2. 1) Commonly acknowledged fact: Posting on MS Newsgroups makes your reputation soar.

      2) At certain times within the beta program, let’s just say "recommendations" can be given by certain beta testers…..

    3. You need to take down the FAQ. It’s a violation of Connect TOS. For further info see the beta_program NG and posts from MSFT employees.

    4. Thanks for the heads-up Jake.
      I cannot find the post in question in the beta_program newsgroup, but I have just started a thread there about it.


      PS: You guys know the rules, if I have to take it down, down it goes. Believe me, it’s better than MS taking down the whole site… But I will make myself 200% certain before I do such a thing!

    5. Why use an operating system like Windows Vista, full of DRM and other sorts of digital restrictions (not to mention the extremely high system requirements), when you could use a better operating system?  OSes like Linux and BSD are far more powerful, secure and in the long haul, easier to use and manage. You guys should try Ubuntu or something.  Get over Vista.


    6. Let’s face it Dylan: the world isn’t going Unix anytime soon. I use Linux, you use Linux, but not many others do.

      So long as people use Windows, let them have a better and more secure OS.. Please?

    7. ?ve tried for YEARS to become a Microsoft tester, but despite being a former MSDN Universal subscriber and current MCSE, I can?t seem to get on their good side enough

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