Massive Internal Changes at NeoSmart Technologies

NeoSmart Executive Announcement!

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce something we’ve been planning for the longest time, but never got around to executing.

NeoSmart Technologies is different from most other organizations out there. Our lax and friendly/informal style has served us well for the past year-and-a-half of our existence, but we feel that the world unfortunately isn’t ready to accept an organization under these terms.

This is more of a “self-imposed audit” than it is a restructuring of NeoSmart Technologies, meaning that our focus will be the same, you’ll see the same friendly faces you used to, but there are going to be quite a few changes beneath the surface in the way things work, where each thing is distributed, and the medium of conveying our services to our members and the general public.

At the moment our biggest concern is the re-organization of the executive members of NeoSmart Technologies, with more externally-defined positions and a more visible “line of decision.”

For our faithful members that have been with us for the longest time, you will recall that NeoSmart Technologies started from nothing, with no initial investments or source of money. That hasn’t changed much, but we no longer are nothing: NeoSmart Tehnologies has expanded horizontally an amazing amount in an incredibly short time, but unfortunately it’s not as organized as we’d like it to be.

The various portions of NeoSmart Technologies don’t have any pre-defined purposes: the blog is used to publish security whitepapers one day, and the next we’re distributing them from the main site, all the while publishing programs and reviews in the forums where they don’t belong.

The past year-and-a-half have been an excellent experience for our members, but it’s clear that nothing is as efficient as we would like it to be, and as such we’re going to concentrate our experiences and focus our efforts on changing the way NeoSmart Technologies works to present a different face to the world than it is now; one that we hope will be easier to grasp and will help us get our goals accomplished sooner and better.

Before we start this “break,” we’d like to warmly thank each and every reader, member, contributor, and even critic of NeoSmart Technologies for helping us through the toughest time any organization has to face: it’s beginning. With your help, our ratings have steadily climbed and our page views have exponentially increased. It is with the greatest pleasure and honor that we inform you that June of 2006 marks a milestone for NeoSmart Technologies: it is the first time we have ever had over 2 Million hits in one month – and the month is far from being over!

Throughout this critical period of the re-shaping of NeoSmart Technologies things will continue as they always have, with subtle differences beneath the surface. We recently launched our new site design and are in the process of finishing the Database backend of the site, which marks another highly-important event. Articles may flow less often, replies to comments and inquiries may take a bit longer, and support may not be as thick around the middle, but we’ll be there, and we hope you’ll stay and experience the difference with us.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Massive Internal Changes at NeoSmart Technologies

    1. Hey Chas!

      Yeah, I won’t lie to you, in the past we’ve always focused far more on content (the “meat”) rather than the display, and that just doesn’t work for web-based publications. Most of us at NeoSmart are application coders and hackers so to speak, the two fields of technology where display matters least and results count the most, so it’s been an “experience” in a manner of speaking.

      The new theme is but a step in what we hope is the right direction, and it’s far from being complete.

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