NST on the Move

NeoSmart Technologies is officially relocating headquarters to Jordan. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be in and out of email contact, but we’re still alive. The forums will continue to provide the excellent quality of support and help we’ve always given there, we’ll just be there a little less often.

Auto-responders have been activated for all @neosmart.net email addresses, but email access for NeoSmart Team Members will remain available, and shouldn’t pose a problem communications-wise.

While articles will continue to be published, it might be a while before you see them, and we might not be able to get the very bleeding-edge news for our dedicated members as it happens for these two weeks, but we’ll be back before you know it. For now, you have yesterday’s (long) article on the future of the .NET coding platform to give you something to think about, and a couple of things to look forward to:

  • EasyBCD 1.5: we’ll be coding nonstop, and can guarantee it’ll blow your mind away. In all honesty, it deserves to be version 2.0, but we have something special in mind for that release. As always, we can’t say much ATM, but suffice to say EasyBCD 1.2 is nothing in comparison to the power EBCD 1.5 will give you!
  • Fedora Core 6 Review: Test 2 is out, and Test 3 is on the loom, we’ll have our review out soon!
  • Vista RC1: It may not be out yet, and though we hope we’ll be here when it does get released, we can promise we’ve been told it’ll be awesome.

Hopefully we’ll be relocated and done with it before you know it, and only good can come out of this move – just hang in there and wait. We know two weeks can fly by just like that in the real world; but online two weeks is an eternity..

Anyway, take care of the blog and comment all you like, help others out in the forums, link as many people over as you can, keep the discussions going, and don’t spam or we’ll come get you!

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