Slow News Week – But that's not Stopping Us!

It’s been a slow week for bleeding-edge technology news, it seems everything making the front pages of most sites is legal mish-mash or corporate talk – not exactly NeoSmart Material..

With that in mind, we’re just taking this chance to keep our faithful members posted on what’s happening at NST, so without further ado:

  • New FeedBurner URL – we are no longer on but rather on As always, the best way of keeping up-to-date is to subscribe to the redirect feed at – that way no matter where we go you’ll always be in touch.
  • Upcoming Story – “The Blending of the Browser,” we can’t say much right now, but here’s this: in keeping with the tried-and-tested NST tradition, it’s going to be really innovative and intellectually-inspiring (whatever that means!).
  • Upcoming Story – An alternate OS (not Linux, not Mac, not Solaris, and most certainly not Windows) is lined up and being readied – keep checking!
  • Product Release – VistaBootPRO 1.1 is slated for release sometime really soon – check the VistaBootPRO forums.

There’s more to come than this – but just in case you thought we were quitting or something we wanted to make sure our readers realized that NST isn’t going anywhere just because it’s been a slow news week!

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