January 2008 Update

There’s been a lot going on so far at NeoSmart Technologies, and 2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year… Yes, January is almost over; so, no, this isn’t a New Year’s resolutions list. The thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they’re almost always left unfulfilled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share the good times, does it? Here’s some stuff to look forward to out of NST’s camp in the coming days/weeks/months:

New Coverage

We’re pleased to welcome Kristan M. Kenney to the NeoSmart blogging team – most of our readers are probably already familiar with his previous contributions to the online community. Kristan will be providing a “different” perspective on tech happenings and further insight into certain aspects of the computer industry that we haven’t “delved deeply enough into,” for lack of a better expression.

New Content

It’s taken us a while, but both the Guides section and the Reviews section of NST are finally up and running. At the moment, the reviews is pretty empty (read: void of any and all content); but we’ve been working hard (thanks to our contributors) on some all-new guides:

The guides are intended to cover as wide a range of content and readers as possible – from the beginner to the expert. Where possible, each guide will have dedicated sections for the varying levels of involvement and/or difficulty (for instance, tweaking Firefox’s options via the available settings’ dialogs verses making advanced changes in about:config)

New Programs

At the end of the day, it seems that its our software that brings in the biggest share of attention, and here’s what we’re currently working on:

  • Vista Hide ‘n Seek, a (free, of course) application that protects your Windows Vista System Restore points from corruption by Windows XP. Obligatory links: Screenshots, Beta download links.
  • iReboot 1.1: an update to iReboot that works around Windows Vista’s non-negotiable blocking of all apps that require UAC elevation from running at startup. Download the beta.
  • EasyBCD 2.0: it’s been a long time in the works, but rest assured, it’s coming along. No download links or screenshots for now…


Last but not least, you’re all invited to join us on Facebook: NeoSmart Technologies Facebook Group.

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  • One thought on “January 2008 Update

    1. Well congratulations to Kristan M. Kenney to be a part of the blogging team.  Nice to see everything getting expanded here at NeoSmart.  I know of the guides being done. *Whistles*  Will have to get a few reviews done up as well soon.


      Already joined the Facebook Group.  Not that i have used Facebook much.  But it is the least i can do is help contribute to the community any way i can. 

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