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Vista is wrapping up.

Like it or not, Microsoft’s latest Operating System is reaching the beginning of the end: the code is complete, the bugs are on their way out, and for better or for worse, Vista is (finally) about to go Gold.

NeoSmart Technologies has enjoyed a front-row seat, and even some stage-time of our own in this big and wonderful show, but it’s time to move on some more. Microsoft’s longest beta to date has taken a lot of our time and effort, but we’re glad for the minor role we’ve played to date. It all came at a cost however: NeoSmart Technologies has always been short on staff and money, and it just meant that there wasn’t enough of either for us to focus on both Vista and other projects and techno-news at once – that’s about to change.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to be covering Vista, our programs will still be there and our support for Vista users will be just as good as ever, but we’re going to be shifting our main focus from Vista to the rest of the world, to see what’s new, what’s changed, and what it all has to offer the world. At NeoSmart Technologies we like to keep things fair and level – we’ve given Vista what we felt was it’s fair-share of attention and scrutiny given the popularity of Windows and it’s impact on the world at large, but now we’re taking this opportunity to focus on what we do best: cover everything and get to the core to keep our members informed and in-touch, and that’s what we’ll do.

As a little “teaser” of sorts, here’s a sneak-peek at what’s coming:

  • Closer scrutiny (read: criticism) of some of the more popular Linux distros.
  • Exclusive previews and comparisons of the other operating systems, because Linux certainly isn’t the only one, and isn’t necessarily the best.
  • Guides and reviews on custom-kerneling, it’s benefits, and it’s hardships.
  • And if things work out (financially speaking), we’ll be offering nifty programs and utilities of our own for the alternate-OS community, and maybe, just maybe, something more – more on that later though!
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