Something Big Coming Your Way

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I'm really happy to be able to tell you about something that's been it the works and under wraps for quite a while, because we feel you deserve to know in advance so you can get your computers ready! NeoSmart Technologies and PROnetworks have teamed together; and we're almost done designing and publishing a program that will literally change the face of Vista and how you look at it.

Although I hate to do this, I have to leave you hanging there. No, I can't tell you what it is we're planning or even what it's called, all I can say is that we're really proud of what it has already become. This is how it works: PROnetworks needed someone(s) to help them out designing a new program, and we needed someplace to start, more researchers on the ready, and beta testers on the go. It was the perfect match, and long months of planning and toil are on the verge of a public showdawn.

What more can I say? Well, it will be an alpha; and you can expect public alpha and beta builds in the future to come raining down, hard and often. We'll be accepting support requests on both ends, and we want your help in making it a success.. Everything you tell us, we will try to make it work… But not yet, a couple more days… The clock is ticking!

Anyone interested in this should leave a comment below, you will be contacted shortly, as soon as everything is finalized…

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