OS Reviews Resumed!

NeoSmart Technologies is happy to announce that we’ve resumed our operating system reviews that we were doing so long ago. After a couple dozen rather emotional emails from our readers, we’ve decided to re-embrace our OS Reviews articles and continue where we left off. For of those of that weren’t with us back in the day, the most popular reviews (and some of our all-time most popular articles even) include ReactOS – a GPL’d Windows clone – and Windows Vista.

For the past couple of months, we’ve focused on more on new products and services, market trends, programming languages, and general tech analysis verses the traditional tried-and-tested in-depth review system that we used in the past. But we’ve got the message, and we’ll start to mix and match. (It’s probably time we got some new bloggers, too).

Operating System Reviews will be one of two kinds covering two types of operating systems: OS in Brief, where we’ll sum up some of the strong and weak points of less-analyzed operating systems, and Full-Blown OS Dissection, like our ReactOS review these will feature in-depth analysis of various OS components, point out all the little details, and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the operating system.

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