Congratulations, FeedBurner!

We’ve been with FeedBurner for a while now, quite a bit before FeedBurner became all the rage that it is now (and most rightly so); so this is about as “up close and personal” as it gets for us… We’ve been there with FeedBurner as one of the first FeedBurner Ad Network members right when that program started, and have been simply thrilled with just about everything FeedBurner has put on the table since.

Last week the rumors started that Google was interested in a FeedBurner takeover, and today they’ve been confirmed. So a big round of applause for FeedBurner and their 100MM USD deal, they most certainly deserve it!

FeedBurner has got to be the coolest company around (don’t let the logo fool you!), and their services are just awesome (like our feed). And, of course, FeedBurner is from Chicago, home of the mighty Bears! (and the Cubs, too)

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