Totally Redone Feed System

If you ever wondered why our feed subscribers count was low despite our rankings and other indexes, don’t worry about it anymore. We’ve completely rewritten the “feed maker” for NeoSmart Technologies, and it’s solved a great number of chronic problems that had our loyal subscribers less-than-happy.

What’s new? What’s improved? Why the trouble?

  • No more “corrupt feed” Message.

    FeedBurner had issues with WordPress’ feed engine, whether it’s a problem with WP 2.1 or with FeedBurner’s own feed client isn’t clear yet, but what matters is that we’ve circumvented the issue entirely. No more “feed missing,” “corrupt feed,” “invalid syntax,” etc. messages, it’s all clear.
  • Categories Now Work

    In the past, our feeds didn’t properly index the categories for entries, but now, you can use your favorite feed/rss client to sort/filter our content by comments.
  • User-Friendly Content

    With the help of NeoSmart Technologies’ own CompleteRSS plugin for WordPress, our feeds validate, and more importantly, contain the full and unmodified article content, something that every site should serve.
  • User-Friendly Display

    Thanks to FeedBurner, our feeds are “smart feeds,” and they know who’s looking. If you’re a human, you’re not going to see some unreadable XML markup, but a nice, crisp page with all the info you need. If it’s a bot/client doing the looking, it’ll see what it needs – no more, no less.
  • 100% Compatible

    It doesn’t matter whether your feed client uses Atom or RSS, RDF or something else, our feeds will get your content the right way.
  • A Feed for Everything

    In the true spirit of Web 2.0, almost everything you see on this site was its own feed. Comments, comments for a particular thread, tags, tag contents, categories, category contents, and the articles themselves of course. It’s because we love you.

Most importantly, we’re sorry that the “corrupt feed” message ever appeared in the first place. Rest assured, it’s gone. You can subscribe again now!

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