WordPress, WP-Hackers, RSS Feeds, and More

At NeoSmart, we’re all about WordPress. Hands-down, it’s the most powerful, most flexible, and certainly most popular blogging platform available, and it’s free. We do what we can to help (which isn’t much, really), but we’re planning on getting a bit more “involved,” so to speak. Besides the couple of (hopefully useful) WordPress plugins that’re in the making, we also have several WordPress-centric articles coming up, and we hope you’ll enjoy them.

For now, here’s a quick one: Did you ever hear of “WP-Hackers?”
Well, those guys are the 1337 WordPress users, and they know all about WP, and what makes it tick. They have a mailing list you can subscribe to if you want to participate in all the fun, but what if you don’t want to (or can’t) join in the discussion? And since you don’t require a bi-directional form of communication, why use clunky email anyway?

We took the WP-Hackers mailing list archives, added a RSS feed to ‘em, and churned it through FeedBurner, the result is the WP-Hackers Live Archives – where you can find out what WP is all about and pick up all the tricks of the trade without divulging your email, filling up your inbox quota, or worrying about privacy. Just click and subscribe!

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And if you’re already a subscriber to the mailing list or the Live Archives, then why don’t you share the love and link?

WP-Hackers Live Archivers

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  • 6 thoughts on “WordPress, WP-Hackers, RSS Feeds, and More

    1. thanks for this. it’s a godsend for people like me, who’ve been told to keep up with development, but have no real input. and who value their inbox space.

    2. You’re mighty welcome Adam, that’s exactly the reason we made this.

      Please, pass the link around, the more people that know about it the better for the WordPress community as a whole.

    3. Problem with RSS Feed in WordPress.
      I have a subdomain that I installed wordpress for another blog site, but the subdomain site's rss feed points to my parent site.
      Can anyone come up with any suggestions?

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