CompleteRSS: Content-Complete Feeds Raring to Go!

NeoSmart Technologies is proud to announce the release of CompleteRSS 0.1 Beta.
CompleteRSS is the only WordPress plugin used to guarantee complete article text in RSS feeds. Some of the things it does are things that end-users can change on their own (such as selecting full-text entries), but it’s biggest feature is a work-around for the much-contested ‘upgrade’ for WordPress 2.1: RSS and Atom feeds will not show text past the <!–more–> tag!

CompleteRSS is the only way to get WordPress 2.1 to display the full article content to display in your feeds, since there are no options to disable this ‘feature’ of WordPress 2.1. CompleteRSS is also the only way to display your feeds entirely free of the heavily-abused ‘content:encoded’ tags.

CompleteRSS has been implemented here on The NeoSmart Files, and you can check it out in our proudly FeedBurner-powered Atom feed:

The lack of ‘content:encoded’ tags and the use of full text in RSS feeds are a must for any serious blogger. No one has time to aggregate feeds that only present a teaser, and ‘content:encoded’ tags only make it harder for your readers to get to the real meat of your content.

Download CompleteRSS

Known Issues

  • CompleteRSS only kicks in if the URI to your feed contains the word ‘feed’ in it somewhere. This works with all the default WordPress permalinks, but may present an issue with custom permalinks. For example, a RSS URI like ‘’ won’t trigger CompleteRSS.
  • In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, under Options | Reading, the selected feed setting is ‘Summary’ and cannot be changed. This is intentional, and is required for CompleteRSS to work.
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  • 40 thoughts on “CompleteRSS: Content-Complete Feeds Raring to Go!

    1. Hi, just tried your plugin on a 2.0.3 install and I get (in the rss output)

      Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/example/public_html/news/wp-content/plugins/CompleteRSS_0.2.php:51) in /home/example/public_html/news/wp-commentsrss2.php on line 8

      I currently have output compression and wp-cache DEACTIVATED if that helps confirm anything.
      I do have alot of other plugins however. Might be a conflict somewhere but I don’t know where to start looking…

      Any ideas how I can help you help me diagnose this?

    2. Sorry, it was my fault. I figured it out from a vague memory of it happening before.

      Since I copied and pasted your code, some white space got into the part before the php started and that causes the php parser to send the whitepsace first (this is a common problem when folks edit the wp-config.php too)

      Okay I have another question if you are up for it?
      How about doing the same fix for rss comments?
      I am new to Wordpress so I don’t know which filter to add and the_content might be the wrong function for comments? Or is it universal for posts and comments…?

      By the way, I enhanced your code by adding image removal which tends to get abused in RSS.
      I just did this before the echo comments:
      $content = preg_replace('/]*>/i', '', $content);

      This might go against your belief of sending full content but it’s a personal choice for me.
      Images can be referer blocked too so they might not load anyway on remote feed viewers.

      Thanks for the nice plugin, it’s good to have a proper, validating feed!
      (actually it’s not perfectly validated as it gets a warning about “wfw:commentRSS should be wfw:commentRss” but that’s close enough for me)

    3. oops wordpress ate the code (as usual)
      lets try it this way:

      $content = preg_replace ( ‘/ ] * > /i’ , ” , $content );

      and remove all spaces in that – but you seem to know regex so I guess you know that 😉

    4. Hi _ck_

      Version 1.0 will have an options page with the ability to completely customize everything in there. It will have an option for image removal (thanks for the code) and will definitely fix the CommentRss bit.

      Thanks for dropping by, and I’m really glad you liked it 🙂

    5. Is their a way to make this work on just a custom feed? We dont want all our feeds being complete, but provide a few custome links to people who get our full feed for their sites.. ??

    6. Sorry, my english is very bad, 

      I install the plugin and ” the_excerpt ” wordpress function won’t work, the contents is displayed like ” the_content ” function, i mean in normal view and not in Feed view

    7. I try the plugin in 3 differents blogs, one in my remote hosting, one in local on my Mac an one on my work server (Windows 2003) in many different themes and the problems is still the same, even if I remove every plugin.

      I will try now to change some configuration to find the one that probably broke the plugin, if i find somethings i will tell you here, for now thanks for your time and help 🙂 

    8. Just to make sure: you did try version 1.0 as well, correct?
      There is almost no way that the problem can exist in both v1.0 and v0.2, since it uses an entirely different system to access the complete article.

    9. Thanks for this plugin, version 1.0 works just fine on my WordPress 2.1.2 install.

      (btw, the_excerpt() works as well)  

    10. is the plugin compatible with wordpress 2.0.4?
      I have it on my site, and it just doesn’t seem to do anything

      <a href=””>tinyways</a>

    11. OK, it’s a conflict with another plugin.

      CompleteRSS doesn’t do anything to images (in fact, some people hack it to remove images), and it doesn’t strip links either.

      Do you have PodPress installed? Does disabling it do the trick?

    12. yes, I have podpress installed, and yes, disabling it seems to do the trick.

      however, I guess it’s quite clear why I can’t give up on Podpress. Any idea how I can fix it? I will be happy to help and get it solved, the functionality of this plugin is quite important for me



    13. Well, it’s a PodPress issue and nothing to do with CompleteRSS, but I’ve spoken to Dan (the author of PodPress) anyway, and hopefully it’ll be resolved.

    14. hi, I managed to get the podpress issue solved by using the fix from here:

      podpress is acting quite naughty with the strip_tags function. It’s not an API function, and I hope they will stop using this function so freely in the next version.

      So, now you can mark that v0.2 works on WP2.0.10 with Podpress 7.7 with no problems.


      thank you very much. it’s a great plugin. and you are right, our readers deserve it.


    15. Hi,

      First time I am using Word press (2.1) and Plugins. I have uploaded the your Complete Rss 1.0 to wp content /plugins and activated. Then How can get content or articles in view Site. I will be happy to help and get it solved, the functionality of this plugin.

      With warm Regards


    16. It seems I have the same problem reported here by ShinRa in March 2007.

      I have successfully installed WP 2.2.1. I have a truncated RSS 2.0 feed. I would like to provide a full-text feed.

      So I installed CompleteRSS. Great — I got a full-text feed! But … all the things I want to be truncated (archives, categories, search results) are now ALSO full text. That’s unacceptable. So I uninstall CompleteRSS — archives, categories, search results all work again. But my feed is cut off.

       I uninstalled all of my plug-ins, logged out, logged back in, etc., etc. I combed through all my PHP in the archive/categories and search results files. Only the_excerpt is used. Nothing odd, no funny custom scripts.

      I am not using “more” in my posts, and I never ever write a summary.

      I am running the blog on Dreamhost.

      Please help!



    17. Hey, got one question…  Love the plugin, but run into a small issue which may be common knowledge to those that work with RSS…  I’ve tried a few google searched looking for a reason why the javascript popup A HREF calls get stripped out of the feed…  Here are some examples:

      This feed:

      Corresposnds to the content on this page:


      If you look closely at the feed, we use calls like:


      <a href=”javascript:var‘′,’EpilepticGaming133Weekof082707′,’scrollbars=no,resizable=no,status=no,width=917,height=606’);”>
      To link to a pre-sized window for a video player to pop. Would love this tag to NOT be stripped out so we can syndicate our video posts on other sites with the javascript links in tact… Any ideas?





    18. Hey djRoME,

      As a matter of fact, this isn’t actually anything to with RSS; it’s perfectly safe to have Javascript-based links in an RSS feed; but it’s WordPress here that’s making the decision to strip them, based on an arbititrary (though I’m sure it was also carefully) made decision to remove certain tags.

      In short, CompleteRSS can’t change this behaviour, though another plugin should be able to do that….

    19. Great plugin! I’m importing my feed in to Joomla and this is the ONLY plugin that gets the full text and content of my posts through.

      That said, the feed doesn’t appear to have any date information in it…is there a way to fix this ?

    20. Oops…I was wrong…your plugin seems to only modify the rss 0.92 feed and doesn’t include date information. The RSS 2.0 feed has date and author info, but is still truncated. Am I missing something ?

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