CompleteRSS 1.1 Released

If you’ve been wondering why the lack of activity, well, now you know. CompleteRSS 1.1 has just been released; and we’re almost done with EasyBCD 1.61 (actually, we’re done) and we have another program we’ll be releasing in one form or the other sometime soon (as in 24-hours-soon).

CompleteRSS 1.1 fixes an elusive bug that rendered the_excerpt() useless, and a host of other compatibility issues with other plugins that incorrectly access the RSS action hook in WordPress.

Download CompleteRSS 1.1

CompleteRSS 1.0 Released

CompleteRSS 1.0 was released yesterday, it’s been upped to a full-release, no longer alpha. Nothing major has changed as far as functionality or purpose is concerned, but it’s a highly recommended upgrade because it addresses a couple of high-profile (really annoying) bugs that can occur if you have a post with the word “feed” in the permalink.

Moreover, there have been several fixes to enhance compatibility with non-standard permalink structures, older versions of PHP, and feeds via proxies. It’s a fully-stable release, and now it’s more important than ever, since WordPress 2.1 has gone public.

WordPress 2.1 never displays content past the <!–more–> marker in an RSS/Atom feed, unlike WordPress 2.0.x & co. If you’re a dedicated blogger and you love your readers, do them a favor and serve full-content RSS feeds: they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll get more feed subscribers :)

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Why is $_SERVER[] Considered a “Class?”

There seems to be a minor bug/glitch in our Request_URI for Windows that we can’t figure out, so if anyone has any idea, please give us a holler, or post below if you like. Under times of high load (and sometimes without), PHP completely crashes and dies until the worker process is restarted with Using $this not in object context as the “die message” that shows up for all requests. However, our script doesn’t use a class, and makes no calls to one either.

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CompleteRSS: Content-Complete Feeds Raring to Go!

NeoSmart Technologies is proud to announce the release of CompleteRSS 0.1 Beta.
CompleteRSS is the only WordPress plugin used to guarantee complete article text in RSS feeds. Some of the things it does are things that end-users can change on their own (such as selecting full-text entries), but it’s biggest feature is a work-around for the much-contested ‘upgrade’ for WordPress 2.1: RSS and Atom feeds will not show text past the <!–more–> tag!

CompleteRSS is the only way to get WordPress 2.1 to display the full article content to display in your feeds, since there are no options to disable this ‘feature’ of WordPress 2.1. CompleteRSS is also the only way to display your feeds entirely free of the heavily-abused ‘content:encoded’ tags.

CompleteRSS has been implemented here on The NeoSmart Files, and you can check it out in our proudly FeedBurner-powered Atom feed:

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