CompleteRSS 1.1 Released

If you’ve been wondering why the lack of activity, well, now you know. CompleteRSS 1.1 has just been released; and we’re almost done with EasyBCD 1.61 (actually, we’re done) and we have another program we’ll be releasing in one form or the other sometime soon (as in 24-hours-soon).

CompleteRSS 1.1 fixes an elusive bug that rendered the_excerpt() useless, and a host of other compatibility issues with other plugins that incorrectly access the RSS action hook in WordPress.

Download CompleteRSS 1.1

2 thoughts on “CompleteRSS 1.1 Released

  1. What does CompleteRSS do? Presumably there was a 1.0 version that explained what it’s for, but there is no link here. I’m sure I could do a search, but that type of info should be included in the post. If you’re going to spend the time writing the software, make it easy for your audience to appreciate it!

  2. If you hit the “Download CompleteRSS 1.1” link, you’d have been taken to the official product page and download link, where you’d find a complete description of its purpose and usage 🙂

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