EasyBCD in PC Magazine

OK, we promise, this is the last EasyBCD-related post until 1.61 arrives (sometime soon with tons of nicities and bugfixes and goodies!), but you can’t blame us for not being able to resist: EasyBCD has now been featured in the biggest 3 computer magazines around the globe!

We’ve been featured in PC-World (North America) and PC-Welt (Europe) previously, but now we’ve just received word that EasyBCD has made it into PC Magazine (North America) as well, so you can understand our excitement… (If you’re an Aussie, check out APC Mag – we’re in there too!)

Anyway, scans of the related articles in all three magazines can be found here, and a discussion thread for the PC Magazine mention is our forums here. (Oh, and if you spot EasyBCD in another magazine, do let us know!) The download page has also been updated with the relevant links. Thank you for making EasyBCD such a success!

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  • 4 thoughts on “EasyBCD in PC Magazine

    1. That’s it, NeoSmart has now reached the peak!

      Congratulations to all the guys and gals at NST, like ali says, it’s an amazing accomplishment!!

      Looking forward to more great stuff out of the NST camp, can’t wait to see what you have hidden up your sleeves! 

    2. Thanks Ali and everyone else for your kind words! We definitely will strive to continue the trends of excellent programs you’ve come to expect from NeoSmart Technologies, and we most certainly do have a couple of new programs for you lined up… just wait and see!

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