Update Of The Month

  • Startup2Service Beta 2, the much anticipated ‘sequel’ to Beta 1 has finished the ‘idea stage’ and the ‘bug-fix stage.’ Now all that is left is the implementation of those new features
  • Our Research Division is working hard to get the details straight and the facts verified before we can unveil NeoSmart’s new (anti-) DRM division sometime before the New Year. Its about time a true community was established on that front .
  • NeoSmart’s Development half of R&D is also working hard… This time on another program, which we imagine will raise quite a commotion. Development for the alpha (aka proof-of-concept) code is going fast and strong.. Expect a release before Christmas.
  • Our homepage is undergoing a makeover.. Research is trying to decide which language to use… The fight is now between Ruby via RoR or ASP .NET 2.0… What do you think we should use? Post a comment, let us know!

Well, that’s the debrief of the month…. On the unofficial side, it looks as if NeoSmart is gathering the momentum it needs to get rolling… Website visitors increased from ~500 unique vistors in September to ~3000 in October, and now ~5000 strong this November, and the month isn’t even over!

It seems that the biggest source of vistors is our recently released Ramblings of a Computer Guru blog… Though it was released silently, without even any links, its content is the kind of volatile stuff we need!

Keep checking the blog and the site, because we’ll be updating the design and content as we go along… And to whoever is first to pickup hints of a change, gifts await! :O

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