SearchMash: Google Reborn

Move over Google, there’s a new search engine in town! What’s that? SearchMash is Google? Never mind then, scratch that…

It doesn’t make a difference really, stop going to because that’s not the place to get answers nowadays. SearchMash is, both literally and figuratively speaking, the new Google.

It’s quite a challenge really: how does the Number 1 search engine on the web rewrite its search algorithm and test its effectiveness without hurting its current results and user-experience during the testing process? Sergey Brin and Larry Page seem to have figured it out: create a new search engine, and do your testing there! is the evolution of Google, [[GOOG]] and should things go right, what Google will (soon enough) become. It tests a range of new features and methods of bringing information to the users’ fingertips in more ways than immediately obvious to the eyes.

SearchMash was born a couple of months ago, and at first, it was with a new face. The results were identical, and for those that thought it was a hoax or a scam, the whois results proved otherwise. Since then it has constantly changed, with features and improvements being added and dropped. There is no guarantee that what we review here will make the final product, if such a thing even exists.

Several of the new-found SearchMash qualities are reviewed here, and their impact/accuracy/perfection is analyzed in context with Google, Microsoft, and the web today.

  1. Improved Algorithm

    We’re geeks, this is what matters to people like us. And indeed, SearchMash does feature a new and improved search algorithm to back its results.
  2. Overhauled Search Interface

    Some people don’t like Google’s “too-plain” look – which suits others just fine. SearchMash has a different interface and attempts to compromise between style and simplicity.
  3. (Really) Related Links

    Instead of AdWords on the side, SearchMash features a series of iframes that provide added results and value to your search.
  4. Conclusion

    It’s new, it’s cool, but is it worth changing your default search engine or even homepage over to?
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  • 7 thoughts on “SearchMash: Google Reborn

    1. I just looked at after seeing a link to this story on Digg, you’re right, it does look like someone barfed the design up. But I really like the content blocks on the side, I think they’re something the rest of the search engines would do well to copy. It does bring context to otherwise overlooked blog entries, videos, images, and of course, our beloved Wikipedia.

      I actually enjoyed reading this review, loved ‘The (Inevitable) Conclusion,’ that’s so true! Anyway, nice review, I’m going to be keeping an eye on SearchMash for sure now! šŸ™‚

    2. If you are down serveral pages in your search list and then follow a link that you are interested in, when you hit the back button to return to the list you have to start from the top of the list again to scroll down to the location you were previously at.


      Very annoying šŸ™


    3. Hi Larry,

      Try pressing the <Backspace> button on your Keyboard instead in Internet Explorer. And in Firefox, hold down <Control> and then scroll the mouse one step back.

    4. I’m on IE7 too (albeit on Windows Vista), and ctrl+scroll, the back button, and the backspace key all work perfectly and take me back to my exact location on the SearchMash results page (or any other page for that matter).

      I didn’t notice that 100-result limit, nice catch Larry! Then again, I never looked more than 3-pages deep on any given Google search – so I don’t know if anyone actually looks that far down.

      At any rate, I can’t see any possible workaround, given as there are no GET variables (or even POST for that matter!) and the JavaScript function


      Does nothing unless a link is clicked :@

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