Atlassian Software

Atlassian Software is an amazing Aussie-based company that makes two wonderful scripts: Confluence, a full-featured and very eye-easy wiki, and JIRA, the very best bug-tracking and issue-management script out there.

When we set out last month to look for ways to improve our software, we knew we needed a bug tracking script to keep things in check and let our members know what was going on. What we didn’t expect was to get the very best for free. Or, as a matter of fact, to find a better wiki at the same site..

We download and evaluation copy of JIRA and ran it for almost a week, and were duly impressed. It was more powerful than the bug management scripts on Microsoft Connect! So imagine our surprise when Atlassian Software contacts NeoSmart Technologies and offers to give us a completely free Enterprise Licensing kit for both JIRA and Confluence – which we later learn are used by Sony, NASA, 3M, Cisco, and more – their gift back to the non-profit community!

Atlassian Software is truly an exemplary company: our endeavours in making better software and more research for our members has not been an easy one, our non-profit status meant we were running NeoSmart Technologies out of our (pretty-darn-shallow) pockets, and that our budget was limited. It’s a rare find when a company recognizes the importance of non-profit organizations and open-source software, and for that we’re grateful.



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