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  • 72 thoughts on “Windows Vista Beta 2 Has Gone Public!

    1. [quote comment=”3414″]yeah, i can give you mine. MS allows us to use one serial with up to 10 installations at the same time.
      write me a mail, i can offer 18 valid keys (got two keys, both can used up to 20 times, i just need two ;)[/quote]
      DEAR BEN…It is now October 20th BUT if you are still offering a key I would be very gratefull.I downloaded Vista Beta 2 on June 16th.Now tried to install on lap top but cannot locate my key.
      Contacted Microsoft but would not give me a new key They said to download again?.
      Many many thanks Barrie g4yjs.////g4yjs@btinternet.com

    2. can some one send me vista 1 & 2 serial. my serial expires after changing the date to 2006

    3. I really need a key for ultimate vista 32bit I have it installed and it says bad product key please someone help me i need a key bad. I have business pics i cant lose please i just need a key. Thank you in advance… my e-mail acid6923@aol.com

    4. i have vista ultimate build 5728 i have 4 days left, can someone email me plz?…….much respect

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