GasTomorrow: Tomorrow’s Pump Prices, Today

If you’re trying your hardest to save money but just can’t keep up with the crazy gas prices, we have a new mini-service you’ll likely love.

It’s a very simple and modest site with no frills to speak of, but will predict the prices of gas in your neighborhood for tomorrow – so you can make a decision whether to fill up today or hold off until tomorrow. We’re estimating the prices based on a model that takes into consideration the current price of gas in your neighborhood and the day-to-day change in the price of light, sweet crude oil on the market to try and help you save money.

Depending on where you are and what’s going on in the economic and political scenes, the price-per-gallon of gas might change anywhere from two to twenty cents overnight. We did our best to make our predictions as accurate as possible, but of course, anything can happen and we make absolutely no guarantees as to the accuracy of the predictions.

Give it a try and let us know how accurate it is in your neighborhood. Follow us on twitter @neosmart and Like us on Facebook for more cool stuff!

4 thoughts on “GasTomorrow: Tomorrow’s Pump Prices, Today

  1. Today’s gas prices are lower than they were recently, but unfortunately for us, they are solely to benefit our First Marxist President’s re-election efforts.

    If he had his druthers, we would continue to ‘get it in the rump’ while he drives up ‘prices at the pump’ .He is doing his best to steer our economy toward third-world levels.
    It is the way of Karl Marx and others of his ilk.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Do you have any record of historical data? How accurate are your predictions?
    We publish gas price predictions for 21 U.S. cities, and we publish our track record. Our predictions have been accurate 99% of the time since November, 2009.
    Our algorithm is based on gasoline futures, not crude oil, and other factors related to historic trends for each city. And it doesn’t work everywhere. We only publish predictions for cities where we know our algorithm works.

  3. very nice service that this site will offer, a test today didnt give a result, but i will bookmark and view it later.
    would this work also in other countries?

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