Things to Think About When Switching to a Mac

If you are a die-hard Windows user and are considering jumping over to the other side of the fence (don’t worry, many of us have had this feeling at one point or another), you may be wondering, “are there any … Continue reading

Windows XP on Mac?

This solution is outdated. Use EasyBCD instead. Macintel Articles @ NeoSmart: Windows XP on Mac? XP-Macintel Hardware Hacks Hacking XP to Support EFI Free Macintels! The Problems Macintosh uses a different MBR MacBooks use EFI, XP x86 uses BIOS The modified Darwin … Continue reading


‘We will ship a couple of better Minis in a basket of rotten eggs. Keep buying, you might get lucky.’ Continue reading

Apple’s Two Choices

Ever since Apple Computer Corporation [[AAPL]] decided to switch to the Intel platform, the online world’s been abuzz. Besides the hackers that put OS X on the normal PC, and those that put Windows on the iMac (which NeoSmart Technologies … Continue reading

Why Tech Communities are Falling Through

Note: This is a personal opinion piece. Feel free to take this with several grains of salt. Hell, take the whole cube while you’re at it. I’ve been doing some thinking, and after having numerous conversations with some individuals who … Continue reading

pevents: a cross-platform Win32 events library

pevents, our implementation of Windows manual- and auto-reset events for Mac and Linux, is now officially pevents, our truly cross-platform win32 lightweight events library for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. We first released pevents way back in 2011, when we … Continue reading

15 Years to Pick an OS

For the last 15 years, I have been a Windows user and developer. I’ve owned several different computers, all running one version of Windows or another, and sometimes I’d even do a little bit of dabbling in Linux, but for … Continue reading

CRN Dead Wrong About Macintel Exploits

CRN’s security analyst Kevin Finisterre seems to believe that Mac is "more hackable" on Intel… for the wrong reasons.  Apple’s switch from PowerPC to Intel-based Macs could lead to more attacks and cross-platform exploits, according to some researchers and solution … Continue reading