Easy Window Switcher 1.3.0 released

Easy Window Switcher, our Windows “power toy” that brings macOS-like switching between open windows of the same application with Alt+` to Microsoft Windows, has just been updated to version 1.3.0. This new release brings some much requested fixes for keyboard layouts used by our friends in Denmark and Sweden and some more compatibility fixes for everyone else.

There’s not too much more to say about this release, as everything Easy Window Switcher does continues to take place entirely behind the scenes, since it is designed to unobtrusively power up your context switching capabilities without ever getting in the way. (Existing WinCycle users just need to run the download and they’ll be prompted to update to the latest version.)

Remember that the Alt+` is really only the shortcut for switching between windows for users of US Standard keyboard layouts. All of our international users will use the same physical key placement, but will hit Alt and a different button – whatever button is the immediately left of the 1 key on your keyboard:

If you’re a new or long-time Easy Window Switcher user, please consider making a donation to support future development of Easy Window Switcher and our other free software!

Download Easy Window Switcher 1.3.0

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  • 9 thoughts on “Easy Window Switcher 1.3.0 released

    1. Morning,
      I bought, downloaded and ran the ‘exe’ and nothing appeared to happen. I did choose ‘install anyway’ after Win-10’s warning. I don’t see it as installed anywhere that other apps show up.

    2. This looks excellent! But so far it’s only one half of the macOS switching behavior.

      Do you know if it’d be possible to make it so that Alt+Tab switches between groups of windows belonging to the same app, rather than individual windows?

    3. Hi Edgard,

      What happens when you use the latest version? Do you get any errors or does it run but not work? Do you know if wincycle.exe is running in the background or if it crashes on startup?

    4. How do you get the older version? On windows 11 for me nothing happens, it runs, it shows up in task manager, but the hot key doesn’t work, nor is there any tray icon if there’s supposed to be.

    5. Strange, it worked before but after reinstalling Windows 10 it does not work anymore, and I already restarted the PC multiple times.

    6. Hi, when i switch in vscode why it switching to tabby terminal too? i run in windows 11, can you make like in mac os only switching in same apps please. thanks

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