Easy Window Switcher 1.0.1

We’ve just released the inevitable bugfix build for any product launch with Easy Window Switcher 1.0.1, which adds the ability to cycle between maximized windows. Hat-tip to Chris Bollman for reporting this bug.

Upgrading EWS is very straight-forward, as soon as you download and run the new version of EWS, you’ll see a dialog like the following:

Selecting “Upgrade Easy Window Switcher” will automatically upgrade the previous installation and start EWS in the background.

Please note that we are working on improving support for non-US keyboards. To that end, we’ve created a mini helper utility that provides the information we need to support additional keyboard layouts. You can click here to download the key identification tool.

Upon running the tool, you’ll be prompted to press the highlighted key and two values will be shown, one representing your keyboard layout and the other the key code. If you post a comment with the values below, we can include support for your keyboard layout in our next release in the coming days.

Download Easy Window Switcher 1.0.1

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  • 9 thoughts on “Easy Window Switcher 1.0.1

    1. Hi,
      Easy Windows Switcher for France :
      – keyboard layout : 0x40C
      – key code : 0xDE
      For people who use many keyboard shortcuts, you could leave entirely the choice of the keys combination.
      Best regards from a long time user of EasyBCD & iReboot

    2. DF for 42c, 452, 809, 85d, 1809, c0c00, d0c00, 1042c, 1045d, 11809
      DE for 40c, 413, 425, 42b, 45c, 488, 80c, 813, 85f, c0c, 1009, 1042b, 1080c, 11009, 3042b
      DC for 406, 407, 40a, 40b, 40f, 410, 414, 41d, 42e, 438, 43b, 46f, 474, 80a, 816, 83b, 10407, 1040a, 10410, 1042e, 1043b, 1083b, 20427, 2042e, 2083b
      BF for 46e, 807, 100c
      30 for 40e, 1040e
      C0 for rest as of 15042.0

    3. Does not work on Swiss German Keyboard
      Layout: 0x807
      Key Code: 0xBF

      I have to use the ‘ä’ key.

    4. Can’t make it work.
      I do have the US international keyb.

      Keyboard layout: 0xF0C0
      Key Code: 0xC0


    5. Hello from chile!

      i need you to add support for Spanish Latinoamerican qwerty keyboards

      layout: 0x80A
      key code: 0xDC

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