Easy Window Switcher 1.2.2

Just a quick heads-up: Easy Window Switcher 1.2.2 has just been released and it brings correct hotkey support for the following keyboard layouts:

  • Swedish
  • German Swiss (QWERTZ)
  • International Spanish

It is available for download free of charge for non-commercial home use below.

Download Easy Window Switcher 1.2.2

(136 KiB, Microsoft Authenticode signed)

If you need to purchase a license for commercial use or for use on a work PC, step right this way ($5 for a limited time).

If EWS is not responding to the correct hotkey on your machine, please follow the instructions highlighted here and provide the resulting information in a comment below.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Easy Window Switcher 1.2.2

    1. I have setup various keyboard layouts on my windows 10 (UK, US, SWE), but only layout where this seems to work is the US one.

      Reading from changelog this should work also with SWE layout which would be enough for me (well FI support would be even better, but SWE is good too).

      Charcodes (according to javascript events) for button above tab is US 96, SWE 167 and UK 96 as well… So it doesn’t seem like the problem is charcodes at least, because UK layout didn’t work either.

    2. Mike: currently EWS assigns itself a hotkey at startup based on the active keyboard layout. This lets us keep resource usage down to an absolute minimum as we can remain fully idle until the particular key combination is executed.

      To support dynamic switching of hotkeys during a single session, EWS would have to run on every key combination and then check if it matches based off the current keyboard layout (unless there’s a Win32 API for getting notifications when the keyboard layout is changed).

    3. Thank you for the response!

      I actually tried restarting EWS with different active layout selected and it still didn’t work with any other layout except for US. I have my language set to be English and Keyboard layout in Swedish.

      Maybe it gets confused because of multiple layouts and different language? Is there any startup logfiles to checkout what goes wrong during the startup?

      Also having toolbar icon would be nice for restarting it or to be able to give own shortcut(s) to the switcher.

    4. Hi! It doesn’t work in spanish keyboard. I tried everything. I’m using spanish (spanish) for the keyboard. Also tried with US keyboard and doesn’t work too. Thanks.

    5. The backtick key on my keyboard is as follows (I have used your keyfinder.exe to find this):
      Keyboard Layout: 0xF0D0
      Key Code: 0xDC

      Currently, the 0xC0 key code works (but I want it to work with the backtick key, i.e., 0xDC).

      Why not offer users the option to choose any keyboard-layout-key-code combination, and based on the option supplied, the appropriate easy-window-switcher binary is supplied. (Might have problems with Microsoft Authenticode signing though).

    6. Hi, I am not sure you are still monitoring this comment section but I really love this application.

      However I am currently running it using a workaround because the keybind is not correct for my keyboard layout.

      I tried downloading the ‘key identification tool’ (found here https://neosmart.net/blog/2017/easy-window-switcher-1-0-1/ not in the link referred to in this post) but it seems the download link has timed out because nothing happened when I pressed it.

      Because of this I am unable to provide the values matching my layout.

      The keybind ends up on alt + ö for me and the workaround I am currently using is rebinding alt + ö to alt + ´§ using microsoft powertoys.

      It would be a dream come through if you could update this great application so I could get rid of that nasty workaround 🙂

      Best Regards

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