Easy Window Switcher 1.1.0 with international keyboard support

Hello international users of EWS! We’re really happy to announce the immediate availability of Easy Window Switcher 1.1.0, which brings support for internationalized keyboards to EWS users worldwide!

For those that haven’t been keeping in touch, Easy Window Switcher is a nifty, tiny utility that boosts your productivity by adding the ability to “alt-tab” between windows of the same application only, with the keyboard combination alt` (on US keyboards), a shortcut that should be intimately familiar to anyone that’s used OS X for any length of time.

With this update, users of EWS everywhere can enjoy the same convenience as our US friends. The hotkey for switching between windows of the same application is alt plus the key to the left of the 1 key in the numbers row:

That’s alt§ for British users without a backtick key, alt² on the French AZERTY keyboard, alt^ on German keyboards, just to name a few. Cycling backwards between windows of the same application is just as easy: it’s the same shortcut with the addition of the shift key (so altshift` on US keyboards).

Easy Window Switcher 1.1.0 is completely free and is available for download from the link below. Special thanks goes to Paul Annakin from the UK for helping with the initial UK keyboard support. Thanks to Paulot for information regarding the French keybard layout. Extreme thanks goes to an anonymous user for contributing the remaining keyboard layouts.

Download Easy Window Switcher 1.1.0

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  • 24 thoughts on “Easy Window Switcher 1.1.0 with international keyboard support

    1. Hi I can not get this to work on my UK keyboard. The key shown for the British users does not exist on my Logitech K520 layout. I’ve tried both UK and UK Extended layouts with no luck. I’m using latest Windows 10 Pro o/s.

    2. Hi Colin,

      Regardless of what the caption on the key is, you should be able to get it to work via altXXX where XXX is the key immediately to the left of the 1 key on the digits row.

    3. Hi Thanks for the reply. I did some more testing. I usually have at least 4 Excel files open at any one time and ALT + “backtick” on my English UK keyboard does NOT work (not even in Extended mode) but now I’ve tried it on Word files and found that it works okay? Interesting.

    4. I have the same problem on Windows 10, this doesn’t work with MS Excel 2010 but works fine with MS Word 2010.
      It does not work with PDF-XChange Viewer with multiple windows open.

      Is there a fix or am I doing something wrong?

    5. On Spanish layout the key identification tool states:
      layout: 0x40A
      key code: 0x43

      Right now it’s working with the key 2 spaces to the right of the L.

    6. Doesn’t work on my Estonian keyboard either. Even if I set it to US keyboard. Perhaps adding a custom shortcut creation would help?

    7. @Mahmoud Al-Qudsi :

      Portuguese (Portugal) keyboards:
      Keyboard layout: 0x816
      Key Code: 0xDC

      Please ACK this comment 🙂

    8. @pedro thank you for that info. In between the first and second release of Easy Window Switcher, we changed from explicitly naming the key combinations to using some info from Windows to automate the detection. It seems that is broken for some layouts and we will need to hard-code the key codes.

      Thank you.

    9. Not working for spanish keyboard, I need to press alt+(key 2 positions left from L). Any fix for this?

    10. I use a German keyboard and the combination is also Alt + Ä (two key to the right of L) – is there any chance to change this manually to another key?

    11. Keyboard layout: 0xF0D0
      Key code: 0xDC

      Why not offer a configuration option where people can choose what the keycode-keyboard-layout configuration should be with the help of keyfinder.exe, and then a binary with exactly that static configuration is generated?

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