ReactOS Reviewed: The Next Windows?

The idea is simple: Linux isn’t always the best non-Windows operating system. Windows is excellent and unbeatable for quite a few people and tasks. But neither is perfect. Almost exactly 10 years ago, a team began to search for a … Continue reading

OS Reviews Resumed!

NeoSmart Technologies is happy to announce that we’ve resumed our operating system reviews that we were doing so long ago. After a couple dozen rather emotional emails from our readers, we’ve decided to re-embrace our OS Reviews articles and continue … Continue reading

iMessage for Windows

A year and a half ago, I heeded the growing warning signs that indicated the looming demise of macOS, née OS X, as a platform for developer and true computer enthusiasts, and set about trying to find a new ecosystem. … Continue reading

US Military Unveils Working Heat-Ray Gun

The heat-ray gun previously discussed on Slashdot back when it was first certified for use by the US Military in Iraq against civilians and rebels has been officially unveiled. The “millimeter wave” technology it uses causes the skin and body … Continue reading

It’s a Microsoft Consipiracy!!

I may be very, very wrong here, but it sure does look like what follows is true. At any rate, its not illogical, so in all likelihood I’m not (no matter how much it looks like it :P) going off … Continue reading

15 Years to Pick an OS

For the last 15 years, I have been a Windows user and developer. I’ve owned several different computers, all running one version of Windows or another, and sometimes I’d even do a little bit of dabbling in Linux, but for … Continue reading