Vista 5342 Digital Audio Support Completely Broken

We’ve been asking around, and we have been downloading driver after driver and swapping sound cards all day long to no avail. Vista’s digital audio support is completely broken in this latest build. To be fair, it is not a … Continue reading

Digital Audio on 5270?

As I might have mentioned in an earlier post, the Windows Update service in Windows Vista’s latest CTP (5270.9, December CTP) works; and I used it to grab the sound drivers for my SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio device… Well, besides … Continue reading

Vista Beta 2

Though Microsoft’s latest Operating System is not out in the final Beta 2 stage, your reps here at NeoSmart Technology are currently testing out a 52XX build, which, unlike the 51XX build series, is a precursor to Beta 2. NeoSmart … Continue reading