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Mac is committing suicide. Dramatic? Maybe, but nevertheless 100% true. In several bold strokes, they have practically killed off their fan club. Between leaving PPC, going on a rampage asking webmasters to pull vids of MacIntels, telling fans to stop complaining, and becoming another Microsoft.. Then there was the whole issue with the iPod Nano screens that scratch and tear, that are useless if you expected such a costly investment to last longer than a couple of days, and even more was the ardent denial of bad engineering. Then this (from CNET News):

Consumers who buy a Mac Mini this week may or may not end up with a machine that’s faster than the desktop Apple Computer was selling in prior weeks. The company confirmed to CNET that it has started offering machines that in some cases have improved processing powers and other enhancements.

This is tantamount to saying ‘We will ship a couple of better Minis in a basket of rotten eggs. Keep buying, you might get lucky.’ No contender has ever stooped so low before. Yep, not even ‘big bad Microsoft’ Apple is going down, and the coroner’s preliminary report is suicide, er, Macicide.

Source: CNET News

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    1. Forgot to add, no matter how badly engineered the iPod Nano, it is still ground-breaking technology. As soon as Apple ships the new batch with improved screens, I’m going to try to get one.

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