Something Weird is Going On..

Something is wrong with the world…

Sony becomes an enemy of entertainment fans,
Apple is disappointing its fanboys left and right;
Microsoft is willing to trade $$$ for happiness (not even theirs!!!);
Firefox is cheating on its download counts,
US patent office thinks anti-gravity is real and now,
and we’re left here wondering WTF happened…

OK, i figured it out: trade your iPod for an iRiver, your Firefox for IE7, your iMac for a Dell, your PPC for a Whitebox, and you will have achieved eternal happiness !!!!!!

I’m gonna go patent this now… =P


If you are wondering… the above is in response to MS trying to implement P2P, and attempting to PAY Apple to be able to stream from an iPod to the XBox 360, Apple’s response is basically ‘shove it,’ and then they talk about releasing an update that stops the iPod from synchronizing with anything. Firefox fakes download counts (well, not actually fakes, but goes to extreme measure sot stretch.. more on that later), and the US Patent Office patents an ‘anti-gravity’ device, breaking their own law that states very clearly ‘to not allow patents that disagree with the laws of physics….’

What the hell is going on????

4 thoughts on “Something Weird is Going On..

  1. Firefox can’t cheat because if it did everyone would be on top of it in a second. Even if it did though, it would still be 100,000 times better than Internet Explorer (even IE7). Microsoft has just admitted that IE7 is just an attempt at catch up, but FF will soon leave it in the dust once FF 1.5 comes out at the end of this month.

  2. I agree, Firefox did not outright cheat (notice my reluctance to use that word above).

    I forgot to add: I’m a hardcore FF user (posting from FF now), and have not used IE6 since two months after its release, but that is neither here nor there.

    But out of curiosity, did you ever experience the FF memory leak? I had it a LONG time ago in the Beta, then in 1.0.7, RC1, and RC2. Right now RC2 is taking up 103 MB of memory, and I posted elsewhere about RC1 taking up180 MB before I shut it down… All that in under 1 hour of browsing. My PC can handle it, but what about those that cannot?

    I’ll be posting more on the FF download count issue tonight/tomorrow morning (studying for a University exam just now), I’ll let you know.

  3. No. I usually don’t download the Betas and wait for the final product. I am currently using 1.0.7 but it works fine. My computer has not slowed, it works perfectly fine. Have you forwarded the issue to Mozilla?

  4. Actually, not yet… I formatted last week, then started experiencing it. I decided to wait until RC2, and see if it has been fixed or not, then hunt down the person that I should speak to…
    This is not a Firefox thread but what the hell, RC1 and RC2 also break on XHTML.

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