Mystery Internet Explorer 7 Icon – Hopefully Not For Real!

When we first saw Internet Explorer’s new icon, we were impressed. It’s nice, it’s slick, it’s cool. It sums up all of Vista in one icon, and it looks great.

That’s why we were surprised when we came across a new and previously unseen icon out of the middle of nowhere. It’s labeled IE7, but it looks too close the cursed IE6 logo for comfort. It has none of the grace and fluidity present in the current IE7 logo, and it exudes evil all over the place.. A bit dramatic maybe, but for this logo? Definitely deserving.

It was originally found at and it’s really weird. The pointy sides make it look more like a ring than anything else, and while Vista and Web 2.0 are all about curves and soft textures, this is scary stuff.

We have no idea what it’s for, and we don’t dare say it’s the new logo (please no!), so if anyone has any idea, we’re open for suggestions!

It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about. Thanks to Sean of Microsoft Corporation (see comment below), we now know that this image is just a fluke. The same IE7 logo we’ve come to love will be there in the end. It’s the real deal :)

8 thoughts on “Mystery Internet Explorer 7 Icon – Hopefully Not For Real!

  1. Yeah, it does..

    Which is almost the exact same as the original IE5 logo… except the nasty hooks are much exaggerated… and it’s labeled IE7.

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, MS isn’t planning IE7 for Mac (especially since there was no IE6!!), so I’m at a loss…

    Thanks for pointing that out Kris.

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