Say Hello to Kristan Kenney, The Latest Windows Shell/User MVP

Congratulations are in order for our good friend Kristan M. Kenney (currently of Windows Now) has just been made the latest Microsoft Windows Shell/User MVP in the most recent round of MVP appointments.

Kristan Kenney’s contributions to Windows Vista community started before the Vista beta program even began, and it’s always been just a matter of time before this appointment happened. From the days of 4074 to RTM and now SP1, Kris has been at the forefront of finding tricks and hacks to make Windows Vista a more enjoyable experience. Hopefully we can expect even more (and greater) contributions to come from Kris in the future.

Congratulations, Kris, you deserve it!

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  • 3 thoughts on “Say Hello to Kristan Kenney, The Latest Windows Shell/User MVP

    1. If I was an MVP, I would have nominated Mr. Kenney for this position a long time ago! I don’t know what took M$ so long, he really deserves this and more!

    2. Hello Kristan,


      I just downloaded the tray program you wrote for Windows Mail. It is very useful and helpful.

      But, I am sure you would have already noticed it and may be even working on it, that it does not show any notification when new mail is received. This addition or enhancement would complete the job.


      Anyway, great job. Well done!

    3. Hey Surya,

      Kristan doesn’t really live at NeoSmart Technologies, he’s more of a nomad if you get what I mean 😉

      I’ve pointed your reply out to him though, I’m sure he’d agree it’s a worthy feature.

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