Some (not so) Minor Changes

Our hosting company has been experiencing issues on our server, but they have been kind enough to reply ASAP and offer to move NeosMart Technologies + it’s sister companies to another server in their cluster.

Apparently this one is overcrowded or glitchy – to pull this off I am theoretically supposed to lock down any changes… Which means disabling commenting and posting on the blogs, forums, and the wiki. However, thanks to Tim of Upitfree, we have Ramblings of a Computer Guru, the most popular portion of NST & Co., using Upitfree’s SQL servers to host the blog, meaning that you can continue to ping, comment, leave trackbacks, and enjoy new posts, during the next 72 hours without a problem! But like always, nothing comes free.

This time the cost is (much) increased page load time, which goes right alongside remote databases.. Unfortunately that is just how it is, but it is only temporary… The host is kindly getting right on the job, hopefully this will be ancient history in a couple of days :) In the meanwhile, show your thanks, visit Tim’s site, and get your images (up to 3 MB!) hosted.. for free!

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    1. Great blog you have here! Thanks for the mention. Always willing to help out a fellow site owner. Let me know if you need anything else.

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