Taking Back the Web

Believe it or not, this post is not about the browser wars. We come very close to discussing them, but that is not the point, there are plenty of other posts and plenty of other times for that. It just hit me though: anyone that has every used Mozilla Foundation’s popular web browser, Firefox, knows that their slogo is “taking back the web.”

No problem, er, but, just wondering here: “Since when did the web ever belong to Firefox or Mozilla anyhow?” A more appropriate catch-phrase would be Hijacking the Web, or Stealing the Web, or Redirecting the Web This Way, or even The Web the Firefox Way. Don’t get me wrong, I like Firefox, but unless by this they mean putting the web in the hands of opensource…. wait, nope, it was never theirs either.

What do you think? Does it do the trick?

Either way, in all reality its MS’ Battle to take back the web. If Firefox wants share. OK by me, just get your terminology straight.

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  • 5 thoughts on “Taking Back the Web

    1. Very Nice.
      It is interesting that people assume that since they can basically use the web as a free speech platform that it is free. Its a multibillion dollar industry and started off as a MILTARY communications system!

    2. Everything starts off as a military something or the other, but soon enough more ‘bad guys’ have it than the ‘good ones’ But you are correct..

      Imagine a spam-free military controlled internet? Wait, that is what America is attempting to implement with its new laws: complete dictatorial control of the web and technology. Humph.

    3. I don’t think the tagline is meant to be read as “We the Mozilla Foundation, are taking back the web.” but rather “We the users, are taking back the web.” Smart companies don’t make corporate boasts, “Gaining market share day by day.” because consumers don’t care about big company, they care about themselves. So I think this tagline has been misinterpreted.

    4. Awesome content,  what the Firefox team is going to deliver in their upcoming major release: Firefox 2.0. We ask the question: will it be enough to make significant ground on IE?

    5. We the users, are ravishment bevel the web.? Smart companies don?t make corporate boasts, ?Gaining Dow-Jones Industrial Average experience day by day.? because consumers don?t cautiousness about big assemblage, they anxious concern about yourselves. So I be concerned this tagline has been misinterpreted.

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