Uninstalling Internet Explorer 7 Beta

If you were unlucky enough to break your IE7 install (via a repair of Windows or a failed install), you can get it fixed in two easy steps!

  1. Download this file and save it as C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe (obviously changing C:\ with the drive letter of your XP Partition…)
  2. After overwriting the existing IE7 iexplore.exe with iexplore6.exe from the link above, re-run the Internet Explorer 7 installer.. It should not bother you about having already installed IE7!

Should that fail, you have to use this much longer method; but it is guaranteed to work.

  1. Get either WinRAR or PowerArchiver. I recommend the latter.
  2. Right-click on the IE7 installer, and extract it to a folder (using WinRAR or PA)
  3. Browse to Update\Update.inf
  4. Open it in WordPad
  5. In update.inf remove the section that says [Prerequisite]
  6. Save changes, BUT DO NOT EXIT.
  7. Press ctrl+z to undo, BUT DO NOT SAVE
  8. Run Update\Update.exe
  9. The very nanosecond that Update.exe shows up, save the WordPad document.
  10. If everything went fine (as far as you saving at the right times), IE7 will reinstall and fix itself. If not, redo the steps above. Make sure that when you launch IE7 Installer, [Prerequisite] & Co. are erased, and right after launching the installer, they are available.
  11. Feel free to uninstall IE7 via the Add/Remove CP or keep it. It will work either way.
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  • 6 thoughts on “Uninstalling Internet Explorer 7 Beta

    1. …or you could use “add/remove programs” from the control panel,
      make sure that “Show Updates” is checked and click on the “remove” button of IE7 Beta.

      ….you could always do that…

      I have never come across a problem that cannot be solved by orders ending with “…or die.”

    2. Installed IE7 last month and do not like the changes it has made to my computer. Can I use the Restore System to revert back to IE6?

    3. Using system restore for periods over or around a month is highly not recommended. Instead, try to remove it first from the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. You may need to check the “Show Updates” box at the top of the applet for it to be visible.

      If that doesn’t work, or IE7 still doesn’t show up in the Add/Remove Programs applet, make a post at http://neosmart.net/forums/ and we’ll be glad to help.

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