The DRM Alliances

Before you get any ideas, this is not your traditional Anti/Pro-DRM Post. This is a neutral analysis of the top-dogs and where they stand. NeoSmart Technologies is proud to unveil our latest research project: an in-depth look at where the big names in technology and entertainment stand when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.

When a choice has to be made, no excuses or delays accepted, what will they choose? The only clear element is the options themselves: will they choose the industry or the consumer? Will they uphold the basic and unalienable rights of music listeners, video watchers, TiVo Rippers, and software-geeks everywhere; or will they staunchly support the industry that has worked so hard to bring these products to the market, and attempt to help them in their never-dying endeavor for greater riches and more prosperous returns?

Our research team is hard at work. A web-interface is in the make, sources are being carefully checked & verified, one after the other; soon a tentative list of companies on both sides will be out; will you be satisfied with your favorite corporations’ choice, or will one of you have to re-evaluate their priorities before something gives?

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  • 2 thoughts on “The DRM Alliances

    1. Right now guests can feel free to leave a list of suggestions and sources as comments here, until we get the web-interface ready for your suggestions…
      These include lists of companies to be judged, statements, claims, and other factors that would decide in which group these corporations belong.

      Our small team here will be focusing on the biggest and baddest corporations first, but we hope to expand rapidly and move on to cover all suggestions 🙂

      On a side-note, as soon as this kicks off we will have openings for on-site and remote researching staff!

    2. Well, the idea has been accepted quite earnestly to my (frankly speaking) disbelief!

      We have begun working on the interface, and ideas are pouring in… This shouldn’t take too long =P

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