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Windows Flag 10With Windows 10 just around the corner, we’re mighty happy to report that our award-winning Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows is now currently available for absolutely free to all Windows 10 preview and RTM users.


Easy Recovery Essentials® for Windows, for those that haven’t tried it before, is a one-click disaster recovery CD for Windows that features 100% automated diagnostics and repair for Windows PCs. It’ll automatically go through an extensive battery of tests and solve all problems as it finds them (very quickly, too!) – all you have to do is boot from an EasyRE CD or USB stick, and select the OS you want to repair.

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 joins the rest of the EasyRE product family providing the following features:

  • EasyRE is a Windows 10 repair disc that repairs all bootmgr, bcd, and winload.exe errors.
  • EasyRE is the only repair CD to repair EFI bootloader errors and problems with bootmfw.efi, winload.efi, and more.
  • Easy Recovery Essentials automatically finds and corrects issues with the MBR, GPT, and partition records, resolving issues with the active partition, incorrectly configured partition entries, recursive partition records, overlapping partitions, and corrupted boot headers.
  • EasyRE detects and resolves dozens of boot-time blue screens of death, and prevents many other BSODs while Windows is loading and when it is running.

Aside from the award-winning and exclusive automated repair functionality, EasyRE also presents many features useful in repairing computers and fixing problems:

  • System/registry rollback and restore
  • Offline virus scanning
  • Deleted partition recovery tools
  • Modern web browser
  • Graphical partition editor

EasyRE can be made into a bootable CD or a bootable USB, and is compatible with just about every computer (32- and 64-bit) from all manufacturers, and supports Windows XP through Windows 10, in all languages and SKUs. EasyRE is also available for servers and for computer repair technicians.

FREE Download: Windows 10 Recovery ISO

The usual disclaimers apply: Windows 10 is still in beta, we cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong (not that it should). While EasyRE has been fully updated and tested for compatibility with Windows 10 TP build 9926, we do not officially offer support for the Windows 10 versions of EasyRE at this time. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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153 thoughts on “Windows 10 Recovery CD Free Download

  1. It’s not free anymore, so maybe now would be a good time to remove all references to it being free.

  2. It is not free. this is dumb, thanks Microsoft for breaking my laptop with a so called “Free” upgrade only to pay a whole bunch more money just to fix what you broke…A**holes

  3. I inadvertently removed high and low filters from my hard drive registry trying to fix an unrecognized DVD writer. Windows 10. Machine can’t boot now. It is stuck in the start – repair -restart loop. It unsuccessfully tried to revert to the one listed restore point, given the number of updates it’s hard to believe that there is only one restore point. Would you expect this tool to work in this case?

  4. Just purchased and downloaded your win 10 recovery , loaded on a USB, booted from the USB and got the response “missing operating System” can you assist?

  5. My Win8 computer for which I do not have the product code says the BCD (bios control data) file is missing or damaged. Will the NeoSmart recovery CD restore the file automatically? If not what do I need to do? Also I don’t know if it is the home or professional edition. How much does that matter? Thanks.

  6. Spent hours trying to resolve the issue i was having and just before I was going to use my recovery disks that created prior to Windows10, I decided to purchase NeoSmart recovery software as they offered a money back guarantee. Took about 15-20 to go through it all but it recovered my system and saved me tons of time if I had to use my Windows 7 recovery disk. Thank you NeoSmart…. Very pleased customer…

  7. After perusing the site VERY CLOSELY the is NO LONGER a free edition of this software..

    if you cant get past the computer manufacturers logo screen at start up you are snookered and have to do a full refresh or pony up the money for this “free” softwarwe(unless anyone knows contrariwise)
    and this extreme boot failure is not confined to pre release editions its inherent in the rtm updates as well. ( I suspect this has somethng to do with the microsoft user authentification system)

  8. Well, now I’m thoroughly confused. Is there still a free edition for us poor Windows 10 suckers? Just a few days after the 30 “try or return to 8.1” day limit my brand new laptop crashed hard. I have gotten it limping back to life but the family PC took the big hit. No boot, no recover, no OS, no files!! It was running win7 and I was pleasantly surprised to see the upgrade in icon tray. Now it’s a really oversized paper weight. Please help, I’m disabled and on a fixed income with a family that has no PC. Thanks, steve

  9. I looked for a FREE repair disk and came to this website which said it was FREE. Hit the download page and guess what? It costs 19.95!

    That is false advertising. Someone should sue you all.

  10. Just purchased the NeoSmart Windows 10-Recovery download and paid $19.99. Downloaded the ISO file and burnt the image to a DVD with Imgburn burning software.
    It does not work! There is no exe.file available.
    Help please!

  11. Hello,
    I am booting from the recovery CD now. Windows 10 opens up but I do not get the setup.exe prompt as stated in your instructions.

  12. Friends i have upgraded my pc to windows 10 and by mistake , i have disabled my administrator account and so i don’t have any other account . So can EasyRe fix it ?

  13. I have upgraded my pc to windows 10. And due to some mistake, administrator account has been disabled & i also don’t have any other account sign in . So it shows message of contacting system administration while booting. So EasyRe can fix it ?

  14. Can’t fuckin believe it, it worked like a charm!
    I was facing 0x0000225 after I an attempt to clone my internal HDD went bad, I was left with the internal HDD unable to boot and the new HDD’s filesystem was RAW. Now, I can go to some data recovery guy and save my data :D!!!

  15. I have a Trojan Horse, Zeus virus attached as one of my hard drives, I have done all I can without doing a Recovery.. I have a 2T hard drive on a HP Vista Processor, I have never dealt with this, I don’t know how I got it.. Please help me with this.. Thank You

  16. Entering a password went wrong and now I don’t know what it is. This was a Windows 7 OS upgraded to Windows 10 (which is what I put the password on). I don’t have the recovery CD, but I believe it has a recovery partition on the drive. Can this help me reset the password or reinstall Windows (7 or 10)?

    $20 sounds very reasonable for your product (or $40 for the PRO). Everybody wants your hard work for FREE! How many of my own PCs can I use this on? If the answer is 1 I’ll just make my friend buy it for me ;)

    Thanks in advance, David

  17. @David: it does not have a password change utility, but it can be used to restore your machine to before the modifications to the passwords stored in the registry were committed (by using the system restore function). You are free to use it on as many of your own personally-owned PCs for home use without restriction.

  18. Hi,

    I am facing boot up issue, could be due to my partitioned D: HDD hitting full capacity. I am getting this error code on the blue screen:
    – 0xc000000f
    Will this Windows 10 recovery work?

  19. You can’t beat them…are you going to join them? The internet itself is a Big Fat Scam! Since 1999, I’ve been trying to earn money on the internet, and I still haven’t yet earned even a penny. Right now, here is where I am…my first website
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    I have windows 8.1, and whenever those so-called Ransomware seize my laptop computer, I use a Windows 8.1 recovery disc that I bought from an Office Depot store in Denver Colorado.

  20. I have bought EasyRE for both Windows Vista and Windows 7. This tool, when used properly, works well and is very convenient.

    However, it appears that a lot of people who have commented negatively about this product don’t understand what this does and had problems that this disc isn’t designed to solve. It’s not a magical fix tool. If you don’t understand your issue and why it’s happening, then you probably shouldn’t be using this. It’s not that you can’t, just don’t complain when it doesn’t fix your unrelated problem.

  21. @Andrew:
    “I am facing boot up issue, could be due to my partitioned D: HDD hitting full capacity. I am getting this error code on the blue screen:
    – 0xc000000f”

    The blue screen code by itself is practically meaningless. However, I can tell you with certainty that a blue screen is not caused by the hard drive being too full. More than likely, you have either a driver problem or a hardware (hard drive, or far less likely RAM) issue. Try booting into Safe Mode.

  22. To Adam!!!. I hope you know the say: Dear god, I wish I could keep my mouth shut, until I know what I am talking about! YOU do not know!. I have done all the right things, BUT EasyRE will NOT even boot (all 3 modes) on MY PC. I have written and shown pictures, but NEO don’t even give an answer!!!

  23. What is the wrong address?
    Or better: WHAT is the right address???
    I used the address: ‘’
    With pictures as info….
    BUT still no answer…

  24. Normal and good service would be for the people who receive complaints just to forward the E-mail to the correct address. BAD SERVICE and BAD SOLUTION to give blame a customer!!!! Shame on you!

  25. To Gert: i did not see anybody blaming you. He said he forwarded the email didn’t he?

  26. WHERE IS THE ISO? I bought this and downloaded it, but no ISO to be seen! $19.95 for something that doesn’t work and no instructions at all

  27. I bought it. It works fine…. just follow the instructions.. a ISO is basically a compressed file like a .rar or .zip file

    I’d used EasyBCD 2.3 on my Win10 to unpark 3 of my Cores and after that… EasyBCD informed me I now had all my 4 Cores running instead of 1 (something to do with Win10 I think, parking the Cores) I rebooted……..BAD IDEA…… EasyBCD had messed my BIOS up and “Please insert Win10 Disk” Which I I did and the repair system just looped… GREAT!

    So I bought the Easy Recovery Disk PRO, did what it said on the box and now Win10 boots fine.

    I fix PC’s for a living and cannot see your problems, just follow the instructions and bingo!

    It is a bit bad that the site shows FREE mind but it’s only $19.95

  28. Just purchased and downloaded your win 10 recovery , loaded on a USB, booted from the USB and got the response “missing operating System” when trying to run the automated repair on my hard drive. Also I have a boot up problem error code 0xc0000225 and that is why I bought the tool. Can you assist?

  29. hi I am having so.much troubles with booting up my computer it had windows 8.1 pro put on it and then my computer keep telling me to upgrade to windows 10 I gave in to try it then until yesterday morning I was online doing things and it crashed went to the blue screen of death saying It needed to be repaired and so on tried to fix it for hours and no luck on booting it up it’s saying as well some files were corrupted how can I fix it?I don’t have no disc I got windows 10 as a free upgrade months ago now my computer has crashed is there any actual free windows 10 recovery disc to fix the problems?

  30. How can trust a site / organization that fails to correct the text which says FREE (admidtedly it says for pre-release versions). Those days are gone, so please do the responsible thing and remove all instances of FREE.

    I might buy the PRO version by mail IF it is boxed, no ISO, just a usable disk, and full printed instructions, with flow diagram if there are choices

  31. I made a disk from a full version and reboot on normal the screen resolution is pixeled and safe mode manage to show me something and when i try to auto repair I get the message your windows 10 is too new try a different disk version ??? My Windows 10 is version Enterprise 1607.

  32. Yeah ya’ll really need to update this page since the download is in fact no longer Free! Just saying nicely….

  33. I am having the same issue with “Your version of Windows is too new”. My copy of windows is not illegally obtained. I recently updated Windows 10, and I imagine there will be many more comments on this error message coming.

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