Windows Recovery Essentials Officially Released!

SystemDiscs logoEasy Recovery Essentials for Windows, the ultimate and easiest-ever Windows system repair CD that automatically finds and fixes problems with your Windows PC, has been officially released!

Back in April, we first announced the beta of Windows Recovery Essentials: our software to automatically detect, diagnose, and repair a multitude of common and uncommon issues that could prevent Windows from running or cause a BSOD on boot. It’s been a little longer than we originally anticipated, but over the months the Windows Recovery Essentials has been renamed to Easy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE for short), graduated out of beta going to a soft release, and is now being officially announced as grown up and ready to help everyone out of a tight spot!

EasyRE is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, for all editions and platforms. We are working hard on making a Windows 8 version available ASAP – we are expecting to see that version released sometime in the next week or two.

EasyRE currently comes with an automated repair tool, system restore, a partition editor, web browser, and file search/backup features. We are constantly working on adding new features and making it a more powerful tool. It can be used to fix common boot errors (bootmgr not found, bootmgr compressed, winload.exe, ntldr is missing, etc), automatic restarts, and BSODs encountered at boot.

Download EasyRE for Windows

In celebration of this milestone, and for a limited time only, we will be making copies of EasyRE available for FREE giveaways. If you’re a blogger or tech site owner who wishes to perform an EasyRE giveaway on your site, email to receive your free copies!

If you have any suggestions for future features, improvements, or other feedback, please let us know.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Windows Recovery Essentials Officially Released!

    1. I donated a week ago when I got Easy BCD ver 2.2
      do I have to pay when I get Win7 or win8 Recovery CD and does it work ok when burned on DVD?

    2. youre iso boot based on grub2 i think like xboot

      you could learn from MultiBootUSB
      its better

    3. I do not have a website as yet. I just got this drive working. It was down since October by viruses. Eould like to try your program

    4. Downloaded the EasyRe windows 7.iso I got a checksum failure corrupt iso or download again. Just did that and same error

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