Announcing EasyBCD

VisualBCDFollowing our “decomissioning” of work on VistaBootPRO by a series of under-handed tactics by PROnetworks culminating in a Cease & Desist on even using VistaBootPRO, we contacted NeoSmart Technologies’ legal advisors and asked thim if it would be OK to continue work on VistaBootPRO under another name.

Their response was slightly disheartening, but after a day of non-stop work, EasyBCD 1.1 has been released – a visual bootloader modification utility written from scratch and without referring to or copying from the VistaBootPRO source code. Not only is EasyBCD under new management and officially free of legal misgivings, it has also taken bootloader modification to the next level, with a much nicer, cleaner, and easier-to-use GUI; tens of new features; and all the bugs ironed out.

You can view the entire list of improvements over the original VistaBootPRO in the EasyBCD 1.1 release bulletin.

Download EasyBCD 1.1 Beta


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