Chrome’s Coolest Feature: File Upload Progress Indicator

Google Chrome 4.0 went live a couple of weeks ago, and it has a feature that’s been missing in most mainstream browsers ever since the Web was invented: a progress bar that actually shows, well, the progress of uploads. It’s really frustrating to be uploading a large file to a website or as an attachment to an email or forum post and not know whether or not it’s taking this long because it’s just slow or because it’s really stuck.

Chrome 4.0 now shows the status of file uploads as a percentage, making it very clear just how quickly (or not) your uploads are progressing – and it’s something that all browsers should add ASAP. Many social websites rely heavily on uploads of photos, videos, music, and other files and are forced to implement nasty workarounds (such as using Flash upload forms) to present a more user-friendly upload system.

A screenshot of Chrome 4.0’s new upload progress indicator:

Chrome 4.0's new file upload progress indicator

Chrome has quickly become our favorite browser at NST: it’s fast, light, and doesn’t get in the way.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Chrome’s Coolest Feature: File Upload Progress Indicator

    1. You´re right, no other browser has that feature, but I´ve also never missed it. But I think if I would upload large files more often, I would be glad to have a feature like that. I think the other browsers will also integrate something like this if they get to know that people want it. So everybody who doesn´t use Google Chrome and want´s to have such a feature in his favorite browser should mail to its support.

    2. I just discovered it now, while uploading a quite large sql file. I just can’t help why no other browser has never had such a basic feature. Awesome, anyway.

    3. Chrome adds a further visual cue for the keen observer: the circular progress indicator on the tab rotates anti-clockwise while the request is being sent, and then switches direction to clockwise as it starts to receive the response.

    4. You should try SRWare IRON, as Chrome is just spyware at a stellar leve. Stop thinking that all Google does is good.
      IRON is just a Chrome(webkit) without the spyware.

    5. I’m currently writing my thesis about the different browsers and what makes them different from each other. Its interesting that Chrome has become popular within a very short amount of time (if you compare it to Firefox and IE). One of the features that made it so popular is that it is a very flexible browser. Feature like this upload progress indicator make it quite unique. It will be interesting to see what other feature will follow within the next months.

    6. Hello,

      In my project client requirement is..
      To hide this “Upload progress indicator”.
      He don’t want to show this indication when uploading file as well as hovering mouse on any link.
      How can i hide this in my code.
      Please help me.

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