CodePlex Downloads and Internet Explorer 7

It seems ridiculous, but if you’re interested in downloading source code from Microsoft’s “SourceForge” (aka CodePlex), you’re going to need to use Firefox.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s the download link for Phalanger, Microsoft’s version of PHP for .NET. It’s (stupidly enough), a JavaScript download link, and in IE7, it doesn’t work. So Microsoft’s implementation of JavaScript is broken in Microsoft’s latest browser. Interesting. The JavaScript works just fine in Firefox and Opera, so that’s what you have to use. If you don’t have it, better get installing.

In their defense, Phalanger is a great compiled version of PHP with complete access to the CLR and .NET libraries – highly recommended for anyone on a Windows host!

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  • 6 thoughts on “CodePlex Downloads and Internet Explorer 7

    1. I think you need to check the contents in your coffee cup. I am using XP and IE7 and had no issues with the link you supplied. It also worked from a Vista Business RTM system. I have never had a problem such as you described at  CodePLex.


    2. Where in the process is it breaking? We are bringing up some new installs this afternoon and I’ll test on them. A bit more data would be welcome though.



    3. Click the link for “” on the page linked to above. Immediately upon pressing it, the JavaScript Error Notification message in the IE7 toolbar lights up with the following message (when double-clicked):

          Line: 1
          Char: 1
          Error:'WebForm_PostBackOptions' is undefined
          Code: 0
          Previous           Next   
    4. We are not seeing this behavior. Do the other download links function on that page? They all use the same function to open a new webpage that displays the EULA agrrement page. I have tried this on a fresh, first boot Vista RTM Business and not having this problem.


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