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As a long time user of Google Chrome (since the very first day of its release, as a matter of fact), I’ve quickly grown accustomed to some of the Chrome way of doing things. Before Google Chrome, I used Opera and before that Firefox and Firebird – and only before those, Internet Explorer.

While each of these fine web browsers has its own way doing things, ranging from keyboard shortcuts to tab management and process handling, they all more or less pull these off a bit nicer than Internet Explorer ever code. But the one Internet Explorer feature I can honestly say I miss when using Google Chrome is the ability to submit the form being currently modified/filled-in with a keyboard shortcut, especially if it works even if there are multiple forms on the screen.

Searching about for a cross-platform solution to this problem, perhaps a previously unknown keyboard shortcut or else some method of assigning a keyboard shortcut that would let Google Chrome intelligently submit the current form via a keyboard shortcut on both Mac and Windows, it became clear that this feature just doesn’t exist for Chrome. Well, as of yesterday, at any rate…

As of today, this feature does exist and it can be yours by just installing Chrome Form QuickSubmit, a Google Chrome extension that will add the keyboard shortcut alt+shift+s on Windows/Linux and cmd+shift+s on Mac to your Chrome, letting you easily and quickly submit the form you’re filling in without needing to resort to tabs, or gasp the mouse:

Google Chrome QuickSubmit 0.2

Again, the keyboard shortcuts are alt+shift+s on Windows/Linux and cmd+shift+s on OS X. These shortcuts do not, to the best of my knowledge, conflict with any others and there aren’t any known issues with this extension. So go ahead, click the link above, authorize the extension, refresh this page, and test it out in the box below!

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  • 4 thoughts on “Google Chrome Form QuickSubmit

    1. One problem with any Alt-Shift combo shortcut is if you are using the Windows language bar, it changes the input language.

    2. Can you add it to the Google Chrome Store?
      The newest version won’t allow me to install outside the chrome store.

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